Atlanta, GA — Dating Factory has acquired World Dating Partners, a move that makes a bold statement about the company’s commitment to being the leading provider of white label dating services in the United States.

World Dating Partners, which opened its doors in 2001, is well established in English-speaking markets world wide. The acquisition means a substantial boost to Dating Factory’s network, expanding the company’s already impressive database of profiles. The change also means a much improved support experience for existing partners and affiliates of World Dating Partners, who now have access to Dating Factory’s US-based support staff.

“Dating Factory is already well known in Europe as the leader in white label dating services, but with this acquisition we’re also pressing our advantage in North America,” says Moreno Aguiari, head of operations for Dating Factory’s U.S. office. “This move means a significant increase to our database of US-based profiles, and it enhances the core technology in a way that means more conversions for our partners.”

World Dating Partners is a pioneer in white label dating solutions, and was the first company to allow its partners to build niche-targeted dating websites in multiple languages. Through its acquisition of World Dating Partners, Dating Factory has access to new proprietary match technologies that will result in more conversions for partners. The deal also expands Dating Factory’s already impressive database of profiles, further enhancing the experience for customers and increasing the effectiveness of partner-run dating sites.

“This will be a big year for Dating Factory, especially in the United States market,” adds Aguiari. “Many companies in North America are just now starting to realize the tremendous revenue potential in operating their own dating websites. Dating Factory makes it possible for companies of any size to get into this growing and profitable business.”

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