Still not convinced sex toys are going mainstream? If you need more proof than a Good Housekeeping vibrator review, how about the Aussie invasion? Mimi De Luxe, Australia’s premier smut free adult toy shop for men & women launches online in the UK. is a website for design loving, pleasure seeking people, who don’t want to be bombarded with pictures of scantily clad women or scary looking vibrators and it has just launched in the UK. Aiming to bring sex toys closer to mainstream audiences, with premium brands, like LELO, Jimmyjane and Je Joue, Mimi De Luxe is replicating its popular Australian customer service model in the UK to disrupt the competitive online adult toy marketplace.

With their unique offering of free shipping, free returns and no nudity, will be taking sex toys one step closer to the mainstream. Founder, Elle Black, says “With very ordinary vibrators for sale in the local chemists, we think people are ready and looking to buy quality vibrators in an equally smut free online environment. And by providing free postage and free returns, we’re closing the gap on the high street. No one asks you to pay the postage if you bought it in a shop – so why should you online?”

“We’ve seen the positive press on Whistle&, and the release of the Good Housekeeping vibrator review so we’re convinced the general English population is ready now more than ever to include a mix of vibrators and adult toys into their sex lives. With many more products on offer than Whistle&Hum, but a strict no-smut no-nudity policy, should be the first website you visit for your pleasure needs!” says Elle Black.