Boston, MA … Public sociologist and author of You Study What? Dr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals is the newest feature writer and commentator for Tibbals socio-cultural study of gender and sexualities will be an insightful addition to the popular online erotic women’s website, providing a unique point of view for the community.

“Adult content is often engaged as if it lives in a bubble – like it somehow exists independent of wider social trends, politics, news, etc,” said sociologist and author of You Study What? Dr. Chauntelle Anne Tibbals. “This couldn’t be further from the truth. Like every other piece of media, adult entertainment is both a partial product of and a contributing factor in the development of society and culture. I am super excited to contribute reviews and discussion to Erotic Scribes and the Sssh community within this context.”

Chauntelle Tibbals is an embedded public sociologist specializing in gender, sexualities, work & organizations, new media, and popular culture. She has spent over ten years researching the adult industry, working to complicate popular understandings of porn, its enterprise, and its socio-cultural significance. Dr. Tibbals’ research has been published in numerous scholarly journals including Sexualities, Gender Work & Organization, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, and Stanford Law and Policy Review, and her ebook series You Study What? is available on She has been quoted and cited extensively by cultural and news media outlets including CNN, Business Insider, Slate, and KPCC (NPR). For more information about Dr. Tibbals, please visit

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Dr. Tibbals on board and welcome her to our family of film-makers, authors and sex experts” publisher Angie Rowntree.