Las Vegas, NV – When it comes to guns Bluebird Films sexy contract star Dylan Ryder sticks to the same rules she uses at work on set – bigger and more powerful is always better, and more fun to play with. So when Bluebird Films gave the sexy Katwoman XXX star her own column in their new print magazine Bluebirds she grabbed a hot female friend to drag down to the shooting range and alerted the media!

“I don’t know what it is,” Dylan confesses. “I’ve been obsessed with guns lately. Once I get to blasting off rounds I never want to stop. It’s such a rush!”

Once inside The Gun Store on Tropicana and briefed on safety, Dylan and her gal pal were able to play with everything from the AK-47 to the breathtaking M249 S.A.W. – a massive beast that in her tiny hands conjures up comic book imagery faster than her latex work suit. The writer for the Las Vegas Examiner explains in great detail the precautions everyone took while posing with and shooting off the guns.

“The emphasis was really on safety,” Dylan continues. “We took every precaution to ensure we were properly handling the weapons. I want to give a special thank you to the owners Chris and Alicia for helping bring one of my dreams to life. My fans are going to love this column!”

When she’s not at the firing range Dylan has been making a spate of radio appearances. Some of the sexy topics on her agenda have included her role as Katwoman in the highly acclaimed, heavily nominated movie from Nicholas Steele as well as her big plans to host an AVN party this year for the company. She has an all star VIP list of A-Listers already confirmed that include world famous DJ’s, celebrities, UFC fighters, and more, but for now, the coy starlet is staying tight lipped about her soiree attendees.

“I don’t want to give away all of my surprises just yet,” says Ryder. “If you wanna know all the hot details of what I’ve got going on, you’ll just have to keep listening. Don’t worry. I promise to make it well worth your while.”

The first issue of Bluebirds Magazine features a free soft version of Bluebird Films feature movie Passenger 69, an interview with Dr. Who’s Billie Pipper and another with ex Charlie Sheen goddess Bree Olson, nude layouts, reviews, QR codes that beam upcoming XXX rated movie trailers straight to your phone, and more. For more on Bluebird’s Magazine visit

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