(Hightstown, NJ): East Coast News welcomes Smart Wands, the latest innovation from Lelo. Best known for their sleek, high-end vibrators that expertly balance art and pleasure, Lelo has now applied their experience to the personal massage wand. ECN began shipping the luxury brand’s Smart Wands this week.

In addition to its attractively sculpted appearance, the Smart Wand boasts a host of impressive features. The cordless wand’s rechargeable battery will power the ultra-quiet massager for up to two full hours on a single charge. Constructed from only the highest quality, FDA-Approved materials, the Smart Wand’s 100% waterproof exterior offers maximum versatility and easy cleaning.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is Lelo’s patented “Sensetouch Technology.” Using touch sensors, the Smart Wand steadily increases vibrations as it comes in contact with the body. This allows for a professional-style technique that relaxes muscles in a way they respond to best.

East Coast News distributes the Lelo brand, and is now shipping the Smart Wand. Interested retailers should contact their ECN account representative, or visit www.ecn.com for more information.