(Hightstown, NJ): There is a new wave of curious consumers making its way to adult shops all over the country. Fans of the BDSM-themed novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” are being introduced to the thrills of consenting domination and submission, and are in turn exploring their own limits and desires. To help retailers convert these first-time buyers to repeat customers, adult mega distributor East Coast News is now offering the best-selling trilogy, and has created a cross-marketing tool featuring related fetish and BDSM items.

To view the Fifty Shades page, visit www.ecn.com/fiftyshades.

The distributor notes that initial demand for the Fifty Shades trilogy was off the charts. “We are, of course, happy to respond to the demand for the books,” explains ECN Sales Manager Alan Mandell. “We’re even more excited about helping our customers use the wide acceptance of the book’s theme to expand their clientele.”

ECN’s Fifty Shades cross-marketing tool is available on the distributor’s website, and provides categorized items directly related to the main character’s submissive explorations. Additionally, the distributor is preparing a merchandising guide intended help inspire creative and effective in-store displays and sales techniques.

East Coast News is now shipping all three Fifty Shades titles by EL James. Retailers interested in ordering the books are urged to contact their ECN account representative, or to visit www.ecn.com.