Erobella Expands its Erotic Network into Austria

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Erobella, Germany’s largest erotic portal, has announced its expansion into Austria, positioning itself as the country’s newest sex and erotic portal. The move is seen as a strategic step in enhancing the company’s influence in the European adult entertainment market​​.

The new Austrian website offers an array of profiles for users to browse, featuring various models and professionals from diverse regions across the country. From Vienna to Salzburg, Innsbruck to Graz, a multitude of escort services, dominas, hobby sex workers, and brothels are listed on the platform, allowing users to search in a variety of models and brothels​​.

Erobella’s expansion comes as an evolution of its successful platform in Germany, where it has merged with other erotic portals such as,, and The company hopes to replicate this success in Austria, promising users more profiles, modern user experience, enhanced safety, and new features. The platform aims to accommodate a balanced mix of professional and amateur profiles, creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere of optimistic eroticism​​.

Despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, including social distancing measures and economic impacts on sex workers, Erobella remains resilient. The company is adamant about finding solutions to these issues, emphasizing the importance of personal safety in erotic experiences during these times. They are striving towards a future where the industry can return to its full capacity, embracing the new normal of health and safety precautions​.

Erobella’s Austrian platform highlights popular searches, providing a snapshot of user preferences across the country. Interest seems evenly distributed across Austria’s regions, from Burgenland to Tirol, Niederösterreich to Steiermark. Major cities like Vienna, Graz, Linz, and Salzburg also feature prominently, hinting at a broad user base spread throughout the country​​.

As Erobella continues to expand its reach, it’s clear the company is intent on becoming a major player in the European adult entertainment industry. With their strategic growth and commitment to user safety and experience, Erobella is setting new standards for online erotic platforms. The company’s expansion into Austria represents not just growth for Erobella, but a sign of the evolving landscape of the adult entertainment industry as a whole.

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