New Castle County, Delaware – European production house, Sun Island Studio, has quietly built a new company stronghold in the United States over the last two years. With the launch of a new internet site, the company takes another step in the goal of expanding U.S. distribution of their self-produced adult content and also offering their production services to other adult content clients.

Since 2005, Sun Island Studio has been a major producer of custom content for European sites, including Scarlett Content and Now the driving force behind the company, producer and director, Alex Allard, offers his video catalog and production services to American content providers, as well.

“Sun Island Studio is a full service production house, not only for my own adult titles, but also for those that are looking for custom scenes and full length videos for their own sites and catalogs. I have put into place a U.S. team of production and post-production artists, to provide the same high quality straight and niche content to the American industry that I have been providing to European content houses for over 5 years,” said Allard.

Allard has taken Sun Island Studio’s cameras to exotic locales from Budapest, Hungary to Sao Paulo, Brazil in search of new models. Along the way, he’s branched out into the adult niches of transsexual and gay hardcore, expanding his own content library, as well as those of his clients.

“Not all beauty is blonde, blue eyed girls. I have been fortunate enough to shoot beautiful models in so many exotic places around the world. Many of them are not the typical porn star that is seen in adult video. I am not going to be a slave to capturing only one type of beauty. I have an eye for the unique, the exotic and models with a natural sexual appetite, no matter if they are girls, men or transgender,” Allard grinned.

Along with the move to providing production for the American business to business market, come plans to make Sun Island Studio labeled content available more widely through U.S. distribution outlets. BluRay and HD DVD releases of the entire Sun Island Studio catalog are offered as well as expanded video on demand, mobile and broadcast licensing opportunities.

“I had been thinking more of the American adult industry as 2010 neared. I share a love between my home country of France and my new home in America. My heart is now in two places at once, and it is time for me to follow that into how I conduct my business. It is time for me to release my own titles in the U.S. and to provide other businesses here with my services,” concluded Allard.

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