Los Angeles,  CA – A survey of adult movie fans on the subject of virtual reality (VR) reveals that the availability of porn movies would influence more than 60% of them to adopt the new technology. The survey was conducted by leading adult company Vivid Entertainment among readers of online review site XCritic.com

The survey indicated that VR is still in its infancy among fans of adult movies, with just 10.3% of respondents saying they currently own a VR headset. Of those who have headsets, the most popular brands are Oculus Rift, Google Glass and Playstation VR. Among those planning to buy a headset, 30.5 % said they plan to get a Playstation VR while 13.4% lean toward the Microsoft Holo Lens.

Asked how much the availability of VR porn content will influence whether they get a VR headset, 44.1% said it will have “some influence” while 18.3% said “it’s the main reason I’d get one.” But, availability of porn would have no influence among 18.3% of the respondents and 19.4% said they have no plans to get a VR headset.

Among respondents who plan to get VR, 34% said they are definitely planning to purchase porn content, while 46.8% said they are not sure they will buy adult content and 19.1% said they definitely will not buy porn. Movies with a story line would be preferable among 41.3% of the respondents. Among those planning to buy VR porn, 58.2% said they would be willing to pay $20 for an adult VR movie, 24.2% said they would pay $30, 4.4% would pay $24, while 3.3% would pay $50 and 9.9% would pay as much as $60.