Los Angeles – World famous sex blog Fleshbot is getting in the erotic fiction game with Fleshbot Fiction, a new ebook imprint launching this month. The sexually charged short stories are available at affordable price points – $ .99 to $2.99 – for download to all computers, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

Fleshbot Fiction’s goal is to offer fans of Fleshbot’s fabulously filthy content another erotic option, reaching every fantasy, kink, and orientation through literary foreplay while drawing in new readers looking to easily access quality short fiction–without paying high prices of anthologies or weeding through poorly written prose on free sites.

“We want to make Fleshbot Fiction a destination much like iTunes, where you can simply click on the story you want to read for no more than a dollar or so, and you’re transported in no time,” explains Fleshbot owner/editor Lux Alptraum. “Selling the e-books using an inexpensive price model just makes sense.”

Fleshbot Fiction has so far added the steamy works of talented authors such as Louise Lagris, Olivia Glass and Louise Friday, and will post more diverse stories for all sorts of sexual tastes on a regular basis as the site grows with its audience. The low, fixed price points will encourage customers to discover more new authors and their searing stories.

“We have plans to offer these single stories across a wide array of kinks and sexual orientations,” adds Alptraum. “Fleshbot Fiction will provide the literary equivalent of the hardcore content Fleshbot is known for, catering to every sexual flavor you can dream up,”