(San Francisco, CA) – As consumers grow increasingly addicted to their mobile devices and on-demand lifestyle, they’re spending less time at home in front of a computer, and the folks at top adult content site GameLink understand the importance of having information, communication and yes, entertainment anywhere at any time.

GameLink, the leading e-commerce and video-on-demand platform in adult entertainment, has created more ways for those who own tablets and smartphones to enjoy one of the largest catalogues of adult films in the world.

New iPad Mini? iPad? iPhone? Galaxy? Any smartphone or tablet you own, GameLink understands the many different screen sizes and devices consumers watch their content from.

Outside of the workplace, the venerable old PC is losing ground to sleeker, more portable alternatives, and while PC sales worldwide are down 8.3% (according to tech research firm Gartner), tablets are way up, with 119 million expected to be sold by the end of 2012, a 98% increase from last year.

GameLink provide a mobile interface that auto sizes to fit each individual screen size, and delivers the most content available anywhere. With the ability to distribute content from any a global CDN to anywhere in the world, GameLink users are able to store their content in the cloud.

“With more technology comes more opportunity,” says GameLink executive Andrew Sullivan. “We are confident that as people move towards new iPhones, Android smart phones, iPads, iPad Mini’s, Microsoft Surface tablets, as well as digital media receivers such as Apple TV, BOXEE, Roku and PS3, that our customers will continue to grow and be amazed at what our technology is able to give them. All of these incredible devices have completely changed the way we watch our favorite shows and movies. GameLink is equipped to deliver the best applications and the highest quality, crystal clear content on every platform in ways that no other company is able to.”

“GameLink understood early on that users would increasingly access content from a myriad of devices with different resolutions and bandwidth considerations. Where GameLink separated from the pack is in our realization that while users want to access content from different devices, they wanted a unified experience across all those devices. We focused on serving the various needs under the same system and account umbrella, which meant that we recognize the same user and account across all media channels. The same catalog, account history, promotions and so on are available to the user at all times, on all devices. This is unique. “

“Users are increasingly consuming media and purchasing on a variety of devices. The GameLink response: unified experience. If you love to watch adult films, and you love new technology, then you will love GameLink.”