Everyone loves a bit of Lady Gemma Massey, whether it be moaning in pleasure in one of her many Bluebird Films XXX releases … Or on the phone to YOU on Bluebird TV, moaning in pleasure and telling you exactly what you want to hear? Sound good? Well… For one night and one night per month only, this highly sought after porn star will be putting on a very special night of teasing and pleasing whilst answering all of your dirty questions!

Lady Gemma Massey is the first – and only – titled Lady of the British aristocracy who is also an adult performer. She stars as the Jokette in the mega budget blockbuster Katwoman XXX (www.Katwomanxxx.com) which is now in stores and on October 18th Lady Gemma Massey will be dressing up as the naughtiest nurse you’ve ever seen (she’s buying a new outfit especially) and then slowly throughout the night, reveling ALL of her sexy body to you! …And what’s more, we can guarantee you’ve never seen a nurse with bigger breasts than Gemma!

When asked about her American fans getting a chance to check out her upcoming show on Bluebird TV Gemma had this to say … “I love my American callers. While it is true I can the UK home, I still try and come to America every chance I get. In fact just after my big show on the 18th I am on a plane to attend a party at the Playboy mansion in LA and then spend the next week after that at our new Bluebird studio in Las Vegas. My American fans are so different than the UK ones. The American men tend to be more aggressive sexually and that is a big turn on. What girl doesn’t like a man who knows exactly what he wants?”

Come and let Gemma Massey answer all of your questions about her XXX career, no matter how dirty they are! Just tune in to Bluebird TV (www.bluebird.tv) on October 18th, give Gemma a call and make the most of it…Because she won’t be back for a whole other month after this!