Venice, CA – Long before people were tossing around fancy terms like “social networking” and Twitter and Facebook became something even your parents did, Gen Padova was down there in the trenches looking for ways to connect with fans.

In the ‘90s she was using newsgroups like America Online and Yahoo! Clubs, creating a connection with fans that, at the time, was rare, difficult and time-consuming.

“Now with Facebook and Twitter you can encounter a near in-person experience with your favorite performers,” she writes. “Between posts about their daily happenings and what’s going on, on set. and, you get all sorts of pictures both professional and candid shots. It doesn’t get better than that!”

In this column, Gen covers etiquette both for fans and for the stars themselves. She also touches on the popular wish lists that many stars have asking fans to buy them everything from clothes to exercise equipment to toys for their children and everything in between.

It’s all part of the new relationship between stars and their fans that the internet has allowed and how to handle what in most cases is a positive step for everyone involved.

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