Los Angeles, CA – Gentlemen Comics (www.gentlemencomics.com), a new publishing company exclusively showcasing and selling adult-themed graphic novels, launches its website on November 18th, releasing ten original titles, with a soft ‘pre-launch’ premiering its first comic series, Maya-Sensual Intelligence.

During the soft launch phase, Gentlemen Comics will release one page a day of Maya’s first episode, ‘Dressed to Kill’, about an undercover agent posing as a call girl, and her erotic encounters as she maneuvers her dangerous double life. Gentlemen Comics also will provide daily ‘teaser’ updates of upcoming releases to keep fans interested.

The November 18th launch date is a nod to Alan Moore’s birthday; Moore, arguably the greatest graphic novel writer there is, wrote the sexually charged Lost Girls, which inspired Gentlemen Comics founder to create an online destination of original erotic graphic themes that push carnal boundaries and stimulate the imagination.

Gary Cockerell of Gentlemen Comics, comments on the launch of the website. “I’m aiming to do for adult graphic novels today what Playboy did for erotica in the 1950’s – bring it to the mainstream! Gentlemen Comics was created so that the purveyors of animated erotica did not have to depend on tacky porn or foreign anime. With our team of more than 40 creators, you can anticipate high quality adult graphic novels, with riveting storylines and in-depth characters – taking modern adult comics to a whole new level.”