Chatsworth, Calif. — The American lesbian adult entertainment leader is teaming up with the lesbian adult entertainment leader of Europe. A new 5-year deal makes USA-based Girlfriends Films the official Viv Thomas worldwide distributor with the exception of some European countries. Girlfriends Films expects to release the first of the new Viv Thomas DVDs in October.

“We have watched Girlfriends Films grow into a seriously respected business for a little over 10 years,” states Viv Thomas. “It’s a great privilege for us to enter into such an agreement with them. We look forward to being able to reach many more porn fans who are looking for our distinct brand of erotic storytelling, blending the incredible beauty of the European models we work with, and the high production values our fans rave about.”

Thomas continues, “It’s also an exciting time for us here on the Viv Thomas Team, as we recently ramped up our film units, and the company is humming with a new spirit. The first of our upcoming titles is approaching release, and we’re all set for an exciting ride. I’m happy we’ll be able to share this journey with Girlfriends Films.”

Girlfriends Films’ Vice President Moose says, “Dan O’Connell founded Girlfriends Films with the desire to produce high-quality, compelling lesbian erotica for a market craving girl/girl content. With Girlfriends Films now atop the market and having such a good distribution system, we are excited to help bring lesbian content from other filmmakers, websites, and studios to our large consumer base.”

“Viv Thomas’ movies add another unique dimension to the market, and we are proud to distribute them,” adds Moose. “Our values and vision are aligned, making the deal a natural fit.”

Girlfriends Films owner Dan O’Connell states, “I’ve always had the greatest respect for Viv Thomas and his movies. He showcases the most beautiful European women and extracts incredible performances out of them. His women and shooting locations definitely separate his product from American porn. With his background as a glamour photographer he brings a very artistic and cinematic eye to his work. Nearly all his performers speak English well, and like we do at Girlfriends Films, he also uses a strong and serious storyline to heighten eroticism. Viv’s movies are definitely in a class by themselves and we are very excited to represent his company and sell their products.”

The Hungarian and Czech models featured in Girlfriends Films’ bestselling series Budapest and Prague are a few of the gorgeous European models featured regularly on The DVD distribution deal ensures Girlfriends Films’ fans have increased exposure to the exotic women.