Los Angeles, CA – Grooby announced the rebranding of several of their popular membership sites to the new TGirlJapan.com, TGirlsJapanHardcore.com, and BrazilTGirls.xxx. The process is part of the company’s initiative to update its terminology to more accurately reflect the current social climate, which started with the rebranding in 2017 of their flagship site, ShemaleYum.com, now called GroobyGirls.com.

“We said it would take a year to do this, and we’re a little ahead of schedule,” said company owner Steven Grooby. “Apart from the changes to the paysites, we’ve changed a lot of social network accounts, free forums, and longstanding blogs. I’m happy to report that the response from the members, the models, and the industry have been mostly very positive and that our leadership seems to have encouraged other companies to make similar changes. We’ve been asked to advise on a number of dating, tube and clips sites, and are all looking forward to continuing to work closely with the many trans performers on how to create the content and brands that they want to produce or be associated with.”

Grooby’s newest rebranded sites include:

TGirlJapan.com (formerly ShemaleJapan.com)

TGirlsJapanHardcore.com (formerly ShemaleJapanHardcore.com)

BrazilTGirls.xxx (formerly Shemales-From-Hell.com)

For a full list of Grooby’s membership sites, visit Grooby.com.