(Seattle, WA) The long-anticipated, Wii-remote enabled Mojowijo adult device is now available for sale. Featured in publications such as Wired, Wired UK, Tosh.0 Blog, Perez Hilton After Dark and The Sundance Blog, the Mojowijo made major media ripples when its manufacture was announced in mid 2010. Quickly picked up by the popular media, the device has been featured on Playboy, and accrued a global fan base even before the final prototype was finished.

Mojowijo works via motion2vibration technology, developed by former Microsoft engineer and company owner Steve DuMosch. This technology allows the devices to control each other over Skype, so that when one party connects a Mojowijo to a Wii remote and then to an internet connected PC, the motions on their end will trigger vibrations on the other party’s Mojowijo. Mojowijo can also be used in the same room, and as a standalone vibrator. Both male and female attachments are available.

Though not the first adult device compatible with Wii components, the Mojowijo is the first to be commercially released on a wide scale around the globe. The devices are now available for consumer purchase at Mojowijo.com and also for mass distributorship. Interested parties may also partner with Mojowijo through affiliate marketing and JV opportunities.

Creator Steve DuMosch says, “I’m excited to be a part of this opportunity, and to finally see our product released! We’ve worked long and hard on it, gone over several bumps in the road and improved the device several times before release. We currently have over 3,000 to our mailing list and I’m excited to show people the product of all out hard work.”

Mojowijo is commercially available now.