Los Angeles, CA — Homegrown Video announces new management for all future operations. With the introduction of Josh Marcum as the new Head of Operations and COO, Homegrown Video refocuses its efforts to return to its original brand as the birthplace of amateur adult entertainment and the quintessential brand for those looking to share their sex lives on camera.

“Every Homegrown Video employee learns the company history and mission before they even start Day 1,” says Marcum. “Over the past few years, we have focused on maintaining our mission statement and directed our efforts to stay true to amateur as it should be. We have moved away from our pro-am releases to come back to center, authentic amateur content, in order to reestablish and elevate our core values.”

Under the revised management, a large portion of Homegrown’s original setup will stay the same. Amateur couples seeking to share their sexual adventures, and view others celebrating their sexuality, will continue to be able to do so through Homegrown DVDs as well as HomegrownVideo.com. Submissions of videos will also continue through HomegrownSubmittals.com.

The updates under Marcum include the adoption of new media methodology – amateur couples who provide content to Homegrown, as well as voyeur members, will now be allowed to participate in the site’s updates via comments and replies. By allowing members to critique each other’s videos via online conversation, Homegrown intends to create a real-time community of true believers, who all grow together to create higher quality content with each submission.

“Homegrown is different from any other porn site out there,” says Marcum. “The scenes are real and are made by real couples. Farrell [Timlake; Homegrown Video founder] and Spike [Goldberg; Homegrown Video CEO] now get into the chat rooms regularly to guide content creators and answer questions. Even Lani [Timlake’s wife] is involved with the chat room and social media action. Lani and Farrell also offer instructional videos from camera techniques to the use of specific sex toys. It’s become very much a family affair.”

“HomegrownVideo.com has now become a very creatively interesting, and extremely sexually positive, setup,” continues Marcum. “By allowing content creators and consumers to work together on, the creators are continuously encouraged to improve the kinds of scenes they submit to us. Newbie content creators sometimes submit scenes where they’re awkward and nervous; through public encouragement, we’ve seen those scenes become better and better over time. Viewers tell female amateurs, who may think their blowjob skills are not ‘porn-star-quality,’ how good and sexy they really are. We then see scenes with longer blowjob segments from those women. It’s a fantastic process and works every time.”

Over the years, many companies have tried to copy Homegrown Video’s success, including the adult industry’s powerhouse studios. The amateur porn movement spawned high-quality gonzo and pro-am porn, which still utilize professional performers and crews, while attempting to mimic the realistic look of Homegrown Video’s movies. However, the only way to have a truly realistic look is to be 100% real – an unrivaled attribute of Homegrown Video.

Homegrown Video’s establishment and domination of the amateur porn market is evident in its 11 AVN Awards and 2 XBIZ Awards for Best Amateur Release, Best Amateur Series, and Niche Studio of the Year. In 2009, owner Farrell Timlake (aka Tim Lake) was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame.