In the last few decades, the virtual world has expanded as an explosion and it feels like the changes occurred overnight. All of us are a part of this and we rely upon texting more than a one on one conversation when trying to express our feelings; this is also the case when we try to share sexual feelings with our partners in the form of sexting. The rising popularity of sexting apps may be a good proof to this. Apart from being a perfect foreplay, sexting can add extra fun to your sexual behaviors in the following ways:

Keeps the heat ignited:  

It is not always necessary to be together to make love, conveying the intimacy and craving for your partner’s presence through a text bears equal importance. It can happen that sometimes you are separated from your partner for some time when you cannot enjoy each other’s company physically, an on such days, sexting comes to your rescue; it kindles the heat in your relationship and ensures that even though you are away from each other, the intimate bond still remains the same.

Increases the level of comfort:

If the relationship is new or still developing, sexting dismantles the tough walls of inhibition that were built between you and your partner. It is natural to hold oneself back at the beginning of a relationship because we do not know our partner so well; sexting reduces the anxiety of talking about this to your partner directly and increases the comfort zone, which serves as a foundation of a strong and pleasant relationship.

It can take place anywhere and at any time:

Our feelings can be aroused anywhere and at any time and at that time we might not have our partner with us to fulfill those desires; that’s when sexting works, this is exactly when sexting does the work for you. Expressing your inner feelings through texts saves you from the frustration that can pile up inside of you for not having your partner and lets your partner know that you are thinking about him in boredom and in labour.

Lightens up the mood:                                  

Expressing your carnal desires through sexting will help to lighten the mood. You or your partner might have had a tough day at your workplace, and letting go of all those tiresome experience through a pleasant conversation will not only take that load off your shoulders for day but will also bring you two closer to each other, because this will ensure that you will be there beside each other through all the tough times in life.

Unravels your unknown sides: 

Turn on the heat through texting and wait for it to do wonders to your sex life. The texts reveal the dark and unknown sides that have never been brought out to each other and what are your preferences on bed; it will not only strengthen your bond physically but also link the two of you on a spiritual level where you do not have to hide anything from each other anymore. Remember, that it is not always the physical bond that guarantees a happy relationship, but the psychological attachment that manifest its magic.


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