ILF Adult Performer Gigi Dior Goes Viral Over Christian Dior Lawsuit

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New York, NY–—Beautiful blonde infomercial actress turned hot adult MILF Adult Performer Gigi Dior has gone viral due to a Christian Dior lawsuit over the use of the name Dior that she had trademarked, claiming it is damaging business.

Page Six of The New York Post broke the news this month with an exclusive interview penning it was a “Tempest in a D cup.”

“This is ridiculous, my name has nothing to do with couture and — the funny part is — what I do usually involves wearing no clothes at all,” Gigi told Page Six in response to the lawsuit.

Since the story broke, the news has been picked up in countless websites and you can read the original Page Six interview here

Gigi has recently been a return guest on two, hot New York City based shows, Chip Chipperson and The SDR Show

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