Venice, CA – If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to go home with Gen Padova, you’re about to get the opportunity to find out. No, you’re not getting the ultimate booty call, but you are will get to see what it’s like inside the House of Gen.

In the first week of November she will be participating in a project with the World of the Spectre, an Inside Up Close and Personal interview.

“It’s filmed and un-cut where you can expect a combination of footage like MTV’s Cribs meets Oprah’s Next Chapter,” Gen says. “You’ll get to see my home, where I spend most of my time, possibly even cook with me, perhaps a day in the life with me and then sit down in my home for a in-person raw interview discussing topics that have been untouched with the realms of everyday life from my childhood to now and my involvement in the porn world.”

While “untouched” and “adult star” aren’t usually terms we are able to associate together, especially with someone who has been so candid with fans over her decade in porn, Gen’s life is varied and she never fails to pull a surprise when the chips are down or, in this case, when the camera is rolling.