International Fetish Day

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Seeing as adheres to a global perspective on adult news and happenings, we indeed celebrate International Fetish Day

Occurring every third Friday of January (which will be this year 1/19/2024), this day is set aside for us all to recognize, celebrate, destigmatize, and even engage in those non-vanilla sexual practices and sexcapades we love. Or engage in something we might have always wanted to try.

According to a historical timeline printed on the website, the word ‘Fétichisme,’ was first used in an “erotic context” by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1887. Jump ahead just a scant few years; in 1983, fetishes related to clothing wear, a studied love (some would say obsession) with body parts, and other actions became readily studied in a modern context. Then, in 2008, National Fetish Day was first held, becoming an international event the very next year to battle against draconian UK laws against “extreme pornography.” We all know from too many times in history (and even presently) that too many safe and sane consensual non-vanilla sexual acts can fall under an umbrella term like this defined by people who wish to abolish or are afraid of non-vanilla sexual acts. 

During the first celebration in 2008, folks were encouraged through a “Perverts Wear Purple” campaign to show solidarity for the day by wearing some purple clothing. It was a great way to show support as much as keep your true sexual nature hidden from the everyday person on the street, if you wished.

The website above suggests “organizing fetish training classes,” “watching a fetish-themed move with a partner,” and “sharing info about fetishes.” All actions we completely condone.

For most sane adults, at the heart of all sexual activity, be it a fetish or not, is that all parties play safe (even if one is playing by themselves) and that those same parties are completely consenting (make sure to have a good long talk with yourself when you are getting into something with just yourself that you’ve never done).

Enjoy the day and all that you desire.


illustration: Joe Swarctz

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