Interview with Aaron Nathanial from AnimeshinClub

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Hello Aaron, for those who might not know you please let us know you are
and please describe yourself?

Hello Christina, thank you for the interview. I am one of two co-founders of AnimeshinClub, a new 3D Hentai Animation Studio. My partner and I storyboard, animate, and produce new episodes for our series ourselves.

So you are the co-founder of AnimeshinClub. How did you come up with this idea and what were your initial goals?

We started off animating a considerable amount of projects outside of the adult world. Commercials, video games cinematics, pilots, movies, etc. So, the idea of entering into Adult was a surprising challenge for both of us, in a good way. Early on we wanted to treat it like any other business. We wanted to learn about the market place and set reasonable goals for growth through creating our unique content.

We initially got clobbered by choosing platforms that weren’t Adult Friendly, if you know what I’m saying. So we’d succeed wildly, but get de-platformed within three months. We almost left Adult, but once we started with PornHub everything fell into place. Pretty early on we received Spotlight Awards for channel growth and got featured in their Model Citizens Q & A. We became a Top 50 Earning Channel, earned a nomination for Best Fan Club at the 2019 PornHub Awards. We just needed that solid platform for our fans to visit and continue to make great content. Then we really transitioned into working on larger scale serial projects with companies like Gamma who have access to larger networks of talent. As we grow, we can expand our production pipeline to produce more minute per month.

Your new project, Hentai Sex School, recently launched on
What is the premise of this project and how did Adult Time get involved?

The premise is about a group of young, elite sexual athletes competing for the valedictorian spot at the renowned island campus of Hentai Sex School. Basically, the Super Bowl for aspiring sex industry superstars. Battle Royale is one of my all-time favorite films, and I brought it up early on to help shape the story. It’s a blast. I hope it gets a second season and a third season, to infinite and beyond.

What was the inspiration for the character designs? Did you know who would be voicing who at the time?

We knew who was voicing each character, yes. Did we want to make a caricature likeness for each character’s voice like their human counterpart? No. Early on Bree, Frank and Alan communicated a really clear inspiration for each character. They included set references, character references, background ideas, etc. etc. We added our own AnimeshinClub twist of course, but it was an entirely new creative universe for us to play in with what research they had already assembled.

Speaking of the voice acting, I was impressed with how well the audio synced up with the mouth movements. How much time does it typically take to complete one episode, around seven to eight minutes?

One episode currently takes a month to animate, but my partner and I are always striving to become more efficient. Recently we’ve invested in improving our tech pipeline to allow us to produce 15 minutes a month. Through the revenue from the growth of memberships in both Adult Time and our PornHub pages, we are able to allocate more time and resources in our Adult Enterprises.

Animeshin Club also has a PornHub channel where you have another series called Coming of Age. What can you tell us about this series?

Coming of Age is a series about the son of a preacher who runs a porn studio out of the basement of his father’s church. This is the series that I believe caught Adult Time’s attention in wanting to license it. But as you know, people from Montreal can be extraordinarily pleasant to work with, and business relationships grow too, as a result. It was pretty quick when we decided that we all wanted to make something new and something special together. And I think people are seeing that in the first episode we put out.

You have some other projects that I saw on there including a Princess Jasmine one. What other kind of projects are you looking at launching in the future, if you can reveal that info anyway?

AnimeshinClub attracts innovative, curious, passionate people. I like the idea of re-inventing classical fairy tales, but including their sexual sides. Adult Time has a really interactive fan base online too, so I’m excited to read what ideas start percolating now that the series’ have debuted.

What would you say is your favorite scene or series that you have made far?

There’s a special moment between Blitz and Ms. Nasty in Episode 2 (which comes out in March). That moment makes me so, so happy for so, so many reasons.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream movie to make?

I hate when a really good movie cuts away from the sex scene. You know? Like, sex is, minute for minute, almost moment-for-moment, as revealing about a person as any other physical activity. There’s a lot of room for nuance in sex that is a.) funny b.) interesting c.) provocative and will help propel a great story. As an animator, I hadn’t thought about that until I had to animate a character through four minutes of a scene. A lot of thought and technique go into those performances. That is my round about way of saying I would always be wanting to make movies where sex could be expressed for the stories it contains.

Who would you say your idols are, either within the industry or not?

Walt Disney. Hugh Hefner. Willy Wonka. Vince McMahon. I admire leaders who pursue the realization of their dream with great industriousness. My mind is always on work. My work is play, and I don’t want to lose that and have to go back to work where work is work. There’s always something more that can be added. Nothing is ever perfect.

If you could have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would
you choose and why?

I just watched something on George Washington, the first President. I feel like I always overlook him. The video scratched the surface of a lot more questions I have.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like
to promote, if so please do so?

Hentai Sex School has just released its first episode, which you can watch by streaming it at

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