Interview with Aiden Starr


Aiden Star 1Hello Aiden, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I’m the host of Vivid Radio and SiriusXM’s only show hosted by a professional Mistress “Diary of a Dominatrix.” I also have an exclusive directing contract with porn giant Evil Angel.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

The pussy. What else is there?

You are about to interview Gerrie Burke from Sports Overnight America on your Vivid Radio show Diary of a Dominatrix. How did this interview come about and what will you be talking about?

We have a monthly feature with the radio show “Sports Overnight America” on the Sports Byline USA Network. The show is hosted by Gerrie Burke and he’ll be a guest on my Vivid Radio show on Fri., July 29 to discuss the athletic side of the Williams sisters and that night, I’ll be on Gerrie’s show to discuss the sexy side of the sisters.

The Williams Sisters are certainly fascinating people. What do you find sexy about them and do you have a preference between the two of them?

My female romantic partners have traditionally been strong, independent women of color. That’s just my type, I guess. Those ladies are my type!

You will also be on his show. What is it like doing crossover work like this? What are the pros and cons?

Aiden Star 2In my line of work, “Crossover” means something else. But in all cases, I find it to be highly beneficial.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream scene or movie to make?

Money isn’t the issue. Money isn’t the point. I make my dreams come true every single month when I turn in my new title. Next year, I’m going to make a horror movie. It’s a more ambitious project than I’ve attempted before, so I guess it’s like fulfilling a fantasy of mine.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

It’s harder work than you think.

Are you a fan of porn? If so, what would you say is your favorite kind to watch?

I love gay porn

Who would you say are the people you really want to work with but haven’t had the chance to as of yet?

I haven’t met those people yet

Who would you say your idols are, either within the industry or not?

John Stagliano, Joey Silvera, Salvador Dali, Leonora Carrington.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I’m a big fan of horror movies.

Aiden Star 3Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

My radio show has a new time! It’s pretty exciting as it’s earlier in the day and so seems to draw a larger audience. I’m on Friday’s at 1pm pacific time now, on and the SiriusXM channel 791. Also, look out for my newest Evil Angel title Fucking Teens out now on