April Flores 1Hello April, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

My name is April Flores and I describe myself as a muse, model and erotic performer. I have been in the industry for 9 years. I am a feminist, sex-positive activist, advocate of body diversity, and art model. I’ve been on the covers of Bizarre and AVN Magazines and modeled for dozens of fine art photographers and artists. I have appeared in films in every genre of the adult industry (from mainstream to queer to kinky to artsy) and spoken out about body image through my sexuality.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

I entered the industry at a pretty slow pace, project by project. I did my first scene in 2005 with porn legend Belladonna. I did that scene to experience something new, thinking it would be a one time thing. I had such a great time, that I instantly said yes when I was offered another scene a few months later. Things progressed from there and it became clear that performing was something I wanted to dedicate myself to. I made a decision that if I was going to continue doing this, I wanted to have a reason beyond indulging my exhibitionism and love for performing. I decide to use my body as a political statement to challenge the norms of what is considered desirable and beautiful. I wanted to use my work as a tool to empower other women of size. Since then, my goal with my work has been to show other women that we can be sexual and feel worthy of desire in the bodies we currently inhabit. I want to show other women that they don’t have to put off their happiness until they lose x-amount of weight. I feel truly blessed that this industry has given me the chance to spread this message to women across the world.

You recently got a show on Vivid Radio. What is your show going to be about and how did the idea of you doing a permanent show on Vivid Radio come around?

I am so excited about my show on Vivid Radio called Voluptuous Life. The term “Voluptuous Life” can be literal as in a voluptuous body, but can also define more. Voluptuous can encompass living a luxurious, outrageous, fantastic life! My show will be tantalizing, interesting, informative, fun and arousing. I am especially excited about the opportunity to connect with my fans on a whole new level. I hope to create a dialogue about sex and I know the listeners will have a lot to share with and teach me.

On top of doing the show you are still performing and working on your site, FattyD.com. What can people expect to see on your site if they decide to go check it out?

April Flores 2My site has pictures, information on my movies and books that I have appeared in and written in, a blog and some trailers for films I have been in. There is also a section devoted to my the April Flores Voluptuous Pussy and Toy vs. Heel, a recent art project by mu husband and collaborator Carlos Batts.

You won the BBW Performer of the Year award at the most recent AVN Awards as well as winning Crossover Star of the Year. What was it like winning those awards and how did it feel to be recognized in such a way?

It was really awesome to win the AVN BBW Performer of the Year because it is always so great to have your hard work recognized by people you respect. It was a huge thrill because that was the first time they added that category. I am honored to have accomplished many firsts for BBWs in this industry, such as the first cover of AVN, the first BBW to have a sex toy molded from my body, the first to win and AVN award, and the first BBW to have a showcase movie from a major studio – Marshmallow Girl, BBW Idol April Flores by Evil Angel. In 2011.

I was nominated for Crossover Star of the Year by AVN.