Aria 1Hello Aria for those who might not know you please let us know who you are and please describe yourself?

Hello, Well my name is Aria. I actually go by Aria Xcite. I’m a friendly & outgoing person with a bubbly personality. I’m always a sexual person which lead me to camming.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

I starting modeling in 2012. Made no money from it but loved the experience and having my picture taken. What girl doesn’t love getting dressed up and posing. When I saw the end results I was pleased. However I wanted to check in to a way to make money with my love for the industry. So I looked in to camming in 2013. I work for a chain of Adult Toy & Video stores so in a sense I’m exposed to the adult industry in a whole.

What would you say is your favorite part about being a cam model?

My favorite part of camming is the chance to meet other people and embrace this sexual spontaneous fun sexy side of myself. I honestly enjoy camming and intend to do it for a long time. I love planning what I’m going to do and I’m still learning along the way on ways to improve my shows.
Are there any drawbacks to working as a cam model that you can think of compared to working in other segments of the adult industry?

Have you gotten any strange requests that you can share?

There are some requests that you as the model find strange but it’s all about the fetishes. But what I can say is the worst is the bathroom fetishes. To me it’s gross.

Are there any drawbacks to working as a cam model that you can think of compared to working in other segments of the adult industry?

Aria 2Knowing what I do about the adult industry I can tell you that camming is a totally different world then doing porn. I love porn stars. I’ve meet some of the sweetest girls. Both jobs require hard work. As a cam model you do make less but it’s all about promotion and commitment. You have to try very hard to get the most out of it. I still love it.

Any thoughts of creating a members site and if so, what can your fans expect to find on that site?

I don’t have a members site at this time. If you follow my twitter @Aria_Excitement you will see links to my my free cams profile and my site to where I sell videos. I am addicted to twitter.

Is there any chance of you moving into doing movies sometime in the future?

I don’t want to say never, I have already thought about and looked in to shooting a few scenes for some companies. I even looked in to several talent agencies. I am not giving up on the idea for in the future, at this time it’s just not right timing for various reasons.

Who would you say are your idols, either in the industry or outside the industry?

I really look up to Jessa Rhodes and Carter Cruise. Their work is amazing to say the least and I’ve had the pleasure to meet them both, I adore them. I also recently meet Alli Rae an up and coming porn star who is just so sexy, fun and cute. I literally love porn stars, not to the point I’m obsessed though.

Who are some of the people that you really want to work with but haven’t as of yet?

I do mostly solo work for now, it’ll be a year April 1st that I started at my free cams and I just started videos a month ago. I never want to start something that I can’t give it 100%. When the time is right I’m not opposed to venturing out.

Aria 3What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I love dancing, it’s my passion in life. I love horror movies, music, shopping. Summer is my favorite season, the warmth and the beach is my escape. I also read when I can. I also enjoy girls nights out. I’m kind of a home body too, love Netflix.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

My goal is to attend an Exxxotica in 2015 for My Free Cams. I want to work on more photo shoots and videos for my fans. Of course I want to continue camming and get my name out there more. I want to try new things.