Hello! I’m the super duper blonde with big tits and an awesome face, now in the place… the one and only… Britney Amber!

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

Initially, I was a fan of the HBO series Cathouse and I really wanted to work there. About a year into working at the ranch, I met a girl that came to work from the adult movie industry and she was able to put me in touch with an agent and give me all the info I needed.

It was recently announced that you were cast as Barb Wire in the upcoming parody of that movie. What can you tell us about the parody and are you a fan of the mainstream version?

Actually, the first time I had seen Barb Wire was to study for the role, but I loved it and was so excited to play the badass Pam Anderson role! In the parody, expect to see me in a couple fight scenes, wearing leather black leather, toting real guns, and of course, a couple boy/girl scenes.

Can you reveal anything about your sex scenes? If so, please tell us what you can?

Yeah, I can tell you there’s one scene where I have to fuck for information and in the second scene, Axel, her long lost love, comes back in the picture and that leads to scene two, of course.

You also just finished filming the Animal House parody. What part did you play and what other little tidbits can you tell us about the movie?

I played Babs, the stuck up blonde from the Omega house. I also got to do a southern accent for the movie, which was awesome because that only happens every once in a great while and doing accents are super fun. Also, I have a girl/girl scene in this movie with a hot blonde Playboy Playmate.

You recently relaunched your website, BritneyAmberXXX.com. For people that haven’t seen your site before, what can they expect to see if they join?

Well of course you can see a whole lot of me, along with many other hot stars that come over to play on my site. We also shoot a lot of the content live and of course lots of exclusive content you can’t see anywhere else. Soon, I’ll be doing a blog and posting behind the scenes of my feature dancing trips, etc.

On top of all this, you also tour the country as a feature dancer and will be in Tampa during the Republican National Conference. What would you say is your favorite part about feature dancing, other than the money?

Well, the RNC is now over and that was a lot of fun. I love feature dancing because it feels like a mini vacation more than anything to me. I get to travel to new places and check out the sites during the day and at night I get to party and dance; win, win!

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of people who work in the adult industry?

I think the biggest misconception I have to deal with is a lot of guys think I’m easy and I’ll fuck them just because it’s what I do for a living. But the keywords here are it’s “my living”, which you’d think that ultimately it should be harder to hook up with me then a normal girl, right?

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

Be careful. There are a lot of snakes out there waiting to take advantage of the newbies. My start in the business wasn’t easy by any means because I was young and naive  like most girls. Looking back now, I would have been so much more careful with whom I trusted.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working on your site? Any hobbies?

Yes I love photography. I haven’t shot anything in a while because I’ve been so busy but I recently got an awesome new camera that I’m so excited to put to work. I also take pole and burlesque dance classes at a local studio in my free time.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I’ll be back in Tampa FL for Night Moves October 5th through 8th. I’ll be touring the local strip clubs out there and there will also be a fan fair where ya’ll can come hang out with me and buy awesome Britney Amber goodies. Of course, I have to remind you guys once again to check out BritneyAmberXXX.COM! Please sign up. It’ll make my day and yours.