Hello Cherie, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I am a 5’5” 110 lb., with long blond hair, blue eyes and an athletic build.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

A friend of mine needed me to fill in for a model that canceled on him at the last min for a prosthetic horn shoot. It was a nude job and I was hesitant. I got there and went into hair and makeup and loved it. It was such a fun day that when I got home I put my pics up on ModelMayhem.com. From ModelMayhem I shot for easy rider and some adult magazines in Europe. A photographer in New York suggested I put my resume on SexyJobs.com. I did and that is how OC modeling my fabulous agency found me. They asked if I wanted to come to LA and do some girl/girl and solo modeling work and I said yes!

What would you say is the biggest misconception that people have about the adult industry?

That’s easy! Everyone thinks we are super promiscuous and have tons of off screen sex. I don’t think that is true. Many models are in long term monogamous relationships and have sex only with their partners outside of work!

You recently shot your first boy/girl scene. How did you decide to start doing boy/girl instead of sticking with girl/girl?

I have toyed with the idea of doing boy/girl since I started the industry but find myself much more attracted to women so never made the leap. The main catalyst was that my girl/girl work was slowing down and I very much do not want to have to quit the porn industry. If I can supplement my work with boy/girl then I can still have enough bookings to come to LA to do girl/girl.

Cherie Deville 2You have a member’s site, CherieDeVille.com. For those that might be interested in checking it out, what can they expect to find when they get there?

I have tons of hot solo and girl/girl content. I try to vary the themes of the shoots, and even have some fetish clips! I also do a weekly live show for my members where we can chat and get naughty! I am also going to be shooting boy/girl in the future!

What would you say is your favorite scene or movie that you have been in and why?

That is too hard to say plus I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings! I am friends with most of the lovely talent I get to work with and they are all awesome in their own way!

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

Make sure you tell all your friends and family before you start because they will 100% find out and you never want to lie to the people you love. Also, be aware that because of doing adult work there will be many many careers you will never be able to have. Most 19 year olds I talk to think they will be in porn till they are in their 40s and not have to worry about getting another career once they quit. This is just not true. The vast majority of models either run out of work or quit within two years so please have a plan for what you will do after porn!!

Are there any acts that you haven’t performed yet that you are thinking that you may do in the coming year?

No, boy/girl was a big leap I will explore that for a while.

I couldn’t find anything on this but have you thought of feature dancing as well as performing in movies?

I am not adverse to feature dancing but I spend so much time away from home as it is I doubt I will want to take the time to do that as well.

Cherie Deville 3Who are some of the people that you really want to work with but haven’t as of yet?

Skin Diamond, Vanilla Deville, Kendra Lust, Samantha Saint, Remy LaCroix and Asa Akira, lord the list goes on and on.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

Surfing, playing the drums, video games, board games, dungeons and dragons, distance running and swing dancing.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Just to come and check out my site CherieDeVille.com.