Hello Dana, for those that don’t know who you are, please tell us and please describe yourself.

My name is Dana Vespoli, and I’m an adult industry director and performer. I began performing in 2003, took a break from 2004-2005 and then retired from boy/girl scenes in 2006 after I began directing and shooting camera for New Sensations/Digital Sin. I’ve also shot movies for Mach 2 Entertainment, Bang Bros and most recently Filly Films. I’ve also just completed a movie for Sweetheart Video.

What got you interested in joining the adult industry?

I was a fan of porn for a long time. I was just really hyper sexual and voyeuristic. I actually used to sneak into the adult video arcades when I was underage and put quarters into the slots to watch the porn loops. I also rented porn in college and began following the careers of my favorite performers. I was a stripper in college and my club would have porn star features like Kylie Ireland, Nina Hartley and Teri Weigel. I would talk to them about the business and then after I moved to L.A. I did some production work on some softcore movies. I talked to some of the talent who also did hardcore and they asked why I didn’t just start performing since I was clearly a fan of the business and so clearly horny. Something clicked. I was like, what’s stopping me? A short while later I began doing porn.

You recently started getting back into directing after stepping away for a while. What has it been like to work behind the camera again?

I love shooting. I love everything about it: watching the sex, framing and composition. There’s something hugely satisfying about it. It feels a little meditative for me. Don’t get me wrong, when it’s a bad scene or there are issues, it can be torture, but that doesn’t happen all that often. I’m happier shooting now then I’ve ever been before. I think I missed it so much, being out of the game for a few years that I have a newfound appreciation. I’ve also begun shooting my own stills, which I love.

Seeing that you have directed and performed; what would you say is the more challenging between the two?

Both can be challenging. I often say that I’m a better director then I am a performer because I believe I’m more consistent as a director. I also came to the industry as someone who flat out loves to watch sex and orchestrating situations where hot sex happens. As a performer I think I am good when I’m working with someone I really like. I see these amazing performers who do great scenes no matter what. Women like Jenna Haze, Flower Tucci, Gia Paloma, to name a few, have always blown me away with their stamina and ability to bring a great scene under seemingly any circumstances. I have no illusions about myself: I am not that performer. Right now I work selectively so that I can give consistently solid scenes. It’s just better for everyone!

What would you say was your favorite scene that you shot, either as a performer or director?

As a director I can’t give just one, so I will give you my top three: 1. Sinn Sage and Dani Daniels for Slammin’ Girls (Filly Films), 2. Michael Stefano and Gianna Michaels for Dirty Little Stories 2 (Digital Sin) and 3. Gia Paloma and Mark Wood for Filth & Fury 2 (Mach 2 Entertainment). As a performer my top 3 scenes are 1. with Michael Stefano in The Voyeur 30 (Evil Angel), 2. with Mick Blue and Mark Davis for Drop Sex 2 (Evil Angel), and with Charlie Chase for Lesbian Boob Worship (Filly Films)

While looking some things up I found out that you have a personal site, MsDanaVespoli.com, that is getting ready to launch. When are you hoping the site will launch?

I am thinking end of December-beginning of January. I am just finishing up shooting original content, including some boy/girl stuff with me.

When it does launch, what kind of content will your fans expect to see when they join?

As I said, boy/girl stuff with me, girl/girl stuff with me–all of it original content, as well as live chat, a video diary, behind the scenes stuff and news updates, such as appearances and movie trailers.

You have been in the industry since 2003. In what ways, positive and negative, would you say it has changed in that time?

Wow, the industry has changed a lot! With the internet and all the tube sites the DVD market has taken a beating. I refuse to believe that the industry is dying. I think it’s taking a new form and we are all scrambling to find where we fit in. It’s a sort of renaissance and it is exciting. It’s not easy, though. It’s a lot more work. You see more seduction based movies doing well and less rough stuff that was all the rage when I came in. There are more opportunities for older women, too, which is great.

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about entering the adult industry?

Sleep on it. If you still have the urge, then think about your career long term and ask yourself what you hope to achieve. If you decide you want to become the next Jenna Jameson, go shoot yourself in the face. If that is not the goal you come up with and you can come up with a reasonable answer, then do your homework. Often girls come in, get an agent and then blindly do as they’re told. Like showing up to shoots knowing nothing about the companies. It can be a disaster. Have boundaries. Boundaries are your friends. Don’t do anal simply because it means more money or do boys because everyone is telling you that you should if you want longevity in this business. You have to do things for the love of it, not just for the buck. At the end of the day that extra few hundred bucks aren’t going to make you feel good about yourself. I have mad respect for these girls that just say no. It’s healthy. Sorry, but I am passionate about this issue because I’ve seen too many girls pop Vicodin because it’s the only way they can get through an anal scene.

How would people back home describe you when you were growing up?

Odd, creative and silly.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I’m an avid runner. I try and run every day, usually at the end of the day. I also read a lot and spend time with my three children.

Are there any other projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I just finished shooting a movie tonight for Sweetheart Video! I’m really happy with it and hope to shoot more for this company!

Photo two is from Cock Starved 1, Dana’s first directing job for Digital Sin and final boy/girl performance. Photo 3 is from Filly Films Lesbian Boob Worship and also features Charlie Chase.