Gina Starr 1Hello Gina, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

My name is Gina Starr, I am 40 years old and my birthday is April 4th! I am not one to brag about myself, but I will tell you what I think.  I am very friendly, and outgoing.  I love having fun and like to be challenged at times!  I am very sweet and innocent girl next door type,  but don’t piss me off because I am called Mama Bear! Lol!  Yes, I am a MILF, with lots of kids, but that is all I will say about them!

I love what I do And have been doing it for 19 years! Actually, I started this on a dare! We were having a party with a lot of alcohol flowing and got the bright idea to play truth or dare! Me, never turning down a dare, had to make a sex tape!  Off I went with my boyfriend, light and camera in hand!  It was a sloppy, poorly lit job but I did it! I think you can actually see that original grainy movie on my website!  My friends loved the tape and suggested I go further!  They could not believe it!

I was just as shocked and thought it was such a turn on that they were turned on! It made me want to do more Like it but better! Every time I shoot content I think how I beat last time and be better?

You have a website, How did you site and what can people expect to see on there if they check it out?

I do have my own website, it is a paid membership site,  run by! They also have supplied a booth for us at Exxxotica in NJ, and AVN Expo in Las Vegas! That was two great opportunities to meet some of my Starrlets (fans)! I had a blast promoting my own stuff plus Model Centro!

My website is updated daily,  you get access to over 150 movies, and hundreds of picture sets! There  is a calendar of events updated regularlym appearances, shooting schedule, or just current events, such as this interview! Personal contact with me as well!  Coming soon I will have a store available! I recently teamed up with so I know they will be appearing in my store as well! If you shop, mention GinaStarr at check out and receive 10% off your purchase!   Also, I will be selling more personable items and baby doll tanks and such!

Now it’s time to let you all know I do webcam on MyGirlFund.Com/GinaStarrXXX I have been on there for over 5 years and love my starrlets so much from there!  I also have store which also has over 190 clips on it, I have had that for almost ten years.  I hope you cum and search for me!  Send me a DM or email!!  I love hearing from people and what they want and what they want to see!

Any thoughts on jumping into mainstream porn as well as your site?

I would love to eventually go mainstream!  These past 6 months have really taken off and I have been able to meet people and go places I did not think I could! I would like to get a contract with a big name company! That would be amazing! I am hoping my hard work will pay off hint hint! I have done this for a long time and built up my content and have now started social media Twitter, @GinaStarr69.  I am pushing for this, I have goals set for myself!

On top of your site you are also the host of a show on XXX Porn Star Radio. How did this show come about and what kind of topics are you looking at talking about?

At Exxxotica I met the people from which have an online magazine, that I am going to be appearing in soon! They also have an internet radio show, that I was able to appear live from Exxxotica with Jack Cannon and Mindi Mink! Jack and I became very good friends and he took me under his wing a bit and again had me back on his show two more times.  I also co-starred in two of Jack’s recent Gina Starr 2movies!  I appeared on Alecia Pleasure’s show which we made a video of as well, Alecia makes me have a huge orgasm with this new vibrator she got!  My first girl on girl action!  Colleen’s Dragon was the first show I did and I was so nervous! I know you can find all those shows on Sound Cloud as well!  I had so much fun with all of them @3Xpornstarradio they asked if I wanted my own show!  Of course I do! An excuse to speak openly about sex, blow jobs, vaginas, or to speak with other porn stars? Absolutely, I am in!! Throw me a topic I will run with it!! I am very excited about this up and coming show!  When I find out the details I will post them to twitter!  Get ready to occupy the kiddies and put on your headphones!

If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream scene or movie to make?

If I was able to hire the ultimate cast for the ultimate movie it would consist of me, Anikka Albright as my co-starr, and we would be taking on the boys: Tommy Gunn, James Dean, Manuel Ferraro, Mick Blue, Erik Everhard, of course my Tommy Stephens! The difference here is the men are lusting after the women. They are competing with each other to get the girl on girl action as others watch.  Eventually, the boys cave, Anikka and Gina have to take on all 6 at one time! The boys waste no time filling up every hole these ladies have to offer! We love every minute of the infatuation!! Its a gangbang with all the stars!  If only.

What would you say is your favorite movie or scene you have done so far?

As far as my favorite movie I have done? I enjoy all of them!  The newer scenes I believe are some of my best work yet because I have the focus and drive now, and I am really concentrating on what it is I am doing. My earlier work was great due to the fact I love my alcohol, sometimes a bit too much! I did two dvd’s with Dirty D and crew, Tampa Bukkake and Slut Wife Training, were a blast to shoot and were my first real professional job!  Many scenes left impressions on me, some I forgot about til I am reminded!  Is that bad?

I am going to accomplish a lot of firsts this year! I know girl-girl is a big request and I should be doing that this month, as well as interracial scenes!  I want to get more into bondage scenes, as I really liked being tied up and spanked!  Erotic massages we filmed today which was fun! Also this year I will be doing the ‘5 star treatment’ which you will have to stay tuned for it, depends on the boys behavior what type of treatment they get! !  This is all new content coming at you!  I have started working with a new producer, be camera man, new look for the sites!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

Advice to newcomers: you have to work hard, get out there and market yourself!  You put in hard work, it will show! Stockpile your content, do as much as you can, it helps to better market yourself! You will not get rich off one thing or overnight, sorry to bust your bubble!  If you work for it as much as you want it!

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

In my spare time I am a country gal!  I Love the hot weather, less clothes the better for me! I enjoy gardening, and man’s work: mowing the lawn, grilling, cleaning the pool!  Lol!  I love having big picnics with friends and family!  Most of all shooting outside, the natural light and warmth on my skin, its hot!  In the winter I like to snowboard, and as long as I am bundled up I still like being outside!

Gina Starr 3I do enjoy other boring things like reading, Jackie Collins was my favorite, she passed away recently and I was heartbroken!

I like Audrey Heburn’s style Her class, beauty and grace, and did you know she was a gardener too? She grew all the veggies she cooked with! See? I can be boring!

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I have some scenes scheduled wit Aria Excite, Lil Freaky, Big Max, Alecia Pleasures!  Looking forward to all of them! My own internet radio show will be starting upon  Teaming up with SpunkLube, I will be doing promotional things with them! I am hoping to add a lot more to my calendar!  Contact me!