Hello jessica, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Hi! I’m an exclusive Wicked Pictures writer, director, and performer. I’m originally from San Antonio, Texas and I’ve been in the adult industry for about 12 years now, first as a performer and more recently branching out into sex education. Besides making movies, I also created a line of instructional DVDs for Wicked called jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, I give sex seminars and workshops all over the world, and I host a radio show called IN BED with jessica drake on Playboy Radio, SiriusXM 102. Physically, I’m 5’8″, blonde hair, brown eyes, 34C-24-36.

You will be participating in the upcoming CatalystCon East. How did you get involved in CatalystCon?

I was invited to Catalyst last year by Dee Dennis, the founder. It was really unique in that it wasn’t a convention where I was making an appearance, but instead a place where people came together to exchange ideas and information about sexual topics. I spoke on a panel and quickly fell in love with the Catalyst experience. To be around so many likeminded people was very inspiring and motivating. In three days I met so many fantastic people and really opened my eyes to another world.

You have a full slate at CatalystCon, speaking at four sessions including the keynote address. Which are you most excited about speaking at and why?

I am honored to be speaking at Catalyst in general! When I was invited to speak on the keynote opening panel, I was stunned and amazed to be included with such a great group of people. I am also really looking forward to “Slut Shaming in the Sex Positive Community,” not just because of my personal experiences but also my desire to share the experiences of the other panelists as well.

Are you going to have time to check out any of the other sessions and if so, are there any that you are hoping to check out while you are attending?

As many as possible! Sex Educator Boot Camp with Tristan Taormino, Progressive Swinging, How to be an Ally to Sex Workers, Sex in the Media, Feminist Porn, Polyamory, Sex and Disability. I think the question is how will I be in so many places at once!

As everyone knows, LA County’s Measure B passed this last November. You have been outspoken against the measure since the beginning and took a leadership role as well. Did you get questioned of your sincerity in the fight because you are a Wicked contract girl and therefore always use condoms in your scenes anyway?

jessica drake 2Somewhat, until I made it clear why I am so opposed, as a woman, it terrifies me that someone could make that choice for me, and I wonder where the line would be drawn. I also think that the measure is seriously misrepresented on the ballot, and even now, its meaning has yet to be clearly defined. I also took part in a PSA with James Deen showing what could change for us if the measure is enforced. Here’s something most people don’t know or believe; as defined, the measure is not limited to just condoms. The bottom line is, I care so strongly about this that I wanted to use all of my resources to spread the word.

How do you see the fight against the condom mandate moving forward as the statewide intuitive as begun?

I am not entirely sure but I do know that this will take an incredible amount of organization and preparation on behalf of the adult industry.

With your instructional DVD series entitled jessica drake’s Guide to Wicked Sex, you are quickly becoming a go-to source of information on sex and sexuality. What would you say is your favorite part of being a “sex guru?”

Right now, I’m in school to be a certified sex coach and licensed sex educator, so currently, I love the learning process. So many times in my life I’ve been asked for advice by my friends, family, fans and to absorb the textbook knowledge to back up what I instinctively already know is very rewarding. Aside from that, I’d say my favorite part is just being able to help people and to feel that I’ve made a difference in their sex life.

What can you tell us about any of the upcoming Guide to Wicked Sex DVDs?

I just shot Guide to Wicked Sex: Woman to Woman and I have to say each edition becomes my new favorite. This one really speaks to me, as I have had relationships with women beginning very early in my life, and I look back and wish that I had a resource like this to guide me. Anal Play for Men is very popular; it’s hard to find it in stores. It sells out so quickly.

It is a tradition when I interview you so I have to ask what would you say is your favorite scene or movie that you have been in and why?

I love this question. My very favorite is still the orgy scene from Fallen. Another movie that comes out within the next month or so is called $ex and I have some of the best sex on or off camera in that one. I love everything that comes from Wicked.

Who are some of the people that you really want to work with but haven’t as of yet?

I would love to work with Belladonna, Janine and Rocco. I think that would keep me occupied for quite a while.

jessica drake 3What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I ride my motorcycle, play with my dog Big who is not so big and go to the spa. I work a lot too.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Look for my new movies Tuff Love and $ex to be released soon! You can also check out wicked.com, my free blog insidejd.blogspot.com, the site for my instructional DVDs guidetowickedsex.com and of course catalystcon.com. You can listen to my show IN BED with jessica drake 2pm PST Playboy Radio Sirius/XM 102.