Hello Jezebelle, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

For those who don’t know me I’m Jezebelle Bond. I’m an adult film star and fetish/pin up Model. I am the original alt-porn princess!

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

I got into the adult industry as a stripper in 1997. After a while I really wanted to start feature dancing so I had to build a name for myself and a fan base. No one pays for a no-namer and no one goes to see a no-namer! When I originally started shooting, I only did magazines and girl-girl shoots. I was married at the time so you know how that usually goes. After a year or so I started doing movies. Then after about four years I got divorced and then started shooting boy-girl. Naturally, it was another boost for my career and fan base.

As I’m sure most people know, you only shoot for your Clips4Sale site. What made you decide to start doing that and getting away from the mainstream adult industry?

I just felt that it was my time. I had a full decade in the biz and was completely happy with what I had accomplished and the opportunities that were given to me. (You can find Jezebelle’s store here: www.clips4sale.com/50469)

Why do that instead of just shooting for a member’s site?

I do have a member’s site actually. It’s part of Streamate’s Gold Club (www.streamate.com/goldclub/jezebellebond) Members who sign up get 10% off of my cam shows, get access to my diary, along with videos and high-res photos. Getting back to my Clips4Sale page though, I have that page because sometimes people don’t want to pay for a monthly members site and this is a great way to reach all of my fans and make new ones in the process.

What can your fans expect to see if they go and check out your clips4sale store?

Everything! When I originally opened my Clips4Sale page I discovered a world of new fetishes and etc. I shoot everything from foot fetish, solo, anal, BJ, cigarette smoking and more. I even shoot some unknown fetishes such as toenail painting, balloon popping, and tooth brushing. There’s literally something for everyone!

You also do webcamming. What would you say is the best part of webcamming with your fans?

I just love the opportunity to interact with my fans one on one.

I have gotten many different answers on this so I have to ask, have you gotten any strange requests while webcamming and can you tell us some of them if you have?

Oh jeez, fuck yes I have! The strangest has got to be masturbating and meowing at the same time, to pretend that I’m pregnant, and pretend that a dog is fucking me. However, the list for odd or strange requests goes on and on and on.

Is there any chance of you launching a comeback in the valley?

Not right now, but who can tell the future.

Seeing that you had a significant amount of time in the industry, what would you say was your favorite movie or scene?

Any movie that I did with Julian Rios was amazing fun. We had great chemistry with each other.

Is there anyone in the industry right now that you would really like to work with or anyone that was around when you were but never got the chance to work with? If so, who would that be?

Right now would be Bonnie Rotten. Past tense would be Stacey Valentine and Lanny Barbie.

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of people who work in the adult industry?

I don’t know. Stereotypes come from somewhere. There are dumb, stupid bitches that are so immensely dense that it’s a good thing that they’re in porn. There are crack heads. There are hookers. There are also straight forward business women who actually use their brains, build empires and create an amazing brand for themselves. I honestly don’t believe that there are “misconceptions” when it comes to porn.

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

My advice is extremely plain and simple. Be smart. Be smart about your money. Pretty soon the day will come when companies stop booking you, you get too old to shoot, you don’t look hot anymore or that you spent all of your money. Then where will you be? Fucking nowhere with fucking nothing and you had best believe that that day will eventually come. Be smart about your career. Why not go for the contract girl status right off the bat. Go big or go home. Worked for Jesse Jane, didn’t it? When you start your career take the time to think about what will make you the most famous, get you the most fans, make you the most money and keep you on top of the industry. Be smart out the type of movies you do because those movies will follow you forever. Never do something that you don’t already do or want to try. Lastly, be smart about your taxes and pay them religiously. Save every receipt you get. Make up, gym, nails, tanning, gas, food, clothes, and etc. Every one of those might be a write-off for you.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working on your site? Any hobbies?

I love watching old movies, 80’s movies and horror movies. I love painting and photography. I adore going to school and learning. I also love going to a private beach just two miles away from my front door, going to the gym, and I love being so fucking lazy.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Oct 9th I’m doing a Breast Cancer Fundraiser at The Buffalo Bar in Downtown San Luis Obispo, CA. I’ll be signing 8×10’s. I’ll be taking photos with fans and I’ll also be making my own donations too!