Hello Jincey, for those that don’t know who you are, please tell us and please describe yourself.

I’m Jincey Lumpkin, Esq., the Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box. Juicy Pink Box is a lifestyle brand that entices all women to explore their lesbian fantasies. The media often calls me the “Lesbian Hugh Hefner”. I’m a former lawyer, a diva, and a lover of breasts. I am also a sex columnist for *The Huffington Post*. My 2012 plan is world domination.

As many people probably already know, you used to be a practicing attorney. What got you interested in joining the adult industry and leaving behind your law career?

Before I ever went to law school, I was really interested in entertainment. I had a dream to become a director but I just never thought it could happen or that it just might be too hard to accomplish. When I was in college I did a summer internship at a film development company run by a famous cinematographer/director. I really wanted to stay in LA but I knew I needed to go back and finish my last year of college. I went back, graduated, worked a bit as a PA around Nashville and I just wasn’t having any success.

My father was a lawyer and law had always been another interest of mine. I went to law school and truthfully, I’m really glad I did. It gives me a strong sense of how to conduct myself in business, how to read and write my own contracts and it’s a great skill set to have.

When I came to New York, I began practicing law but I was very creatively unfulfilled. I was single at the time, so upon the urging of my straight male friends at the office, I started writing an anonymous sex blog about my dating life. It became very popular, so I decided to make the switch.

So the company you started is called Juicy Pink Box. How did you come up with that name, besides the obvious connotation, and what was the vision behind starting the company?

When I was still practicing law and writing my sex blog, I was thinking of ways to transition into the adult industry. I bought the URL thinking that I might make it an online hub for lesbian-related streaming “television”, so the box referred more to a TV box than the lady box downstairs. But, as the company progressed, I saw that it was a memorable brand name and that it was easy to remember and people really love it.

Right now you are mainly doing vignettes, any chance of moving into plot driven movies?

Never say never! I would love to shoot a Mad Men Parody about the women in the office. Joan Holloway just smashes me to pieces and Betty Draper, wow. It would be hard to cast to replace that amazing ensemble cast though. However, I think it could be really sexy and fun.

When you decide to shoot a new performer, what kind of attributes are you looking for before you decide to shoot them?

I have worked with a lot of brand new performers. Honestly, sometimes it’s a gamble! When a newbie reaches out during the casting process, I will schedule a Skype meeting and ask them lots of questions about why they want to be in this industry and what their long-term plans are. What I try to avoid is someone who just wants to do it “for the thrill of it” or to live out a one-time fantasy. I’m just not interested in that. I run a business and so I expect professionalism. Also, I cast based on chemistry, so that I can get a real, authentic connection between co-stars. Sometimes new performers can blow you away. For instance, I shot Charlie Ninja’s first-ever scene with Shyla Jennings in Boutique and those girls smoldered together.

I think I already know the answer here but I have to ask it. Is there any chance of you moving to the other side of the camera at any time?

(Laughs) No.

Earlier this year your company signed an exclusive distribution deal with Girlfriends Films, did you approach them about this partnership or were they the ones that came to you? How did you decide that this deal was the way to go?

Girlfriends Films and I have actually had a great relationship since 2010. In December of that year, we released Taxi, which is up for some AVN and XBIZ awards. We have really enjoyed working together, and I love those guys. We were actually introduced by a mutual friend.

You also recently started writing a column for the Huffington Post. What subject matters are you covering and how often do you write your articles?

My weekly column for the Huffington Post is called “Juicy Jincey’s Binoculars” and it’s about the way I see the world. I write a lot about my career and how it affects my personal life. I’m a sex columnist, in the sense that like “Carrie Bradshaw”, I write about my own sexual experiences and link them to universal struggles. I write in a light-hearted and funny way and I mostly just try to entertain the readers. I’ve had a lot of positive feedback, and many times fans will write and ask me to cover specific topics. One such column was the recent one called “Juicy Jincey’s Guide to Meeting Eligible Women Everywhere”. A reader asked me to help out because she was having a hard time finding love in her small town.

Do you watch porn and if you do, what kind do you prefer to enjoy, other than your own?

I see so much of my porn while I am editing. I am very hands-on in every part of the creation of my porn. So, when the finished project is out, I just breathe a big sigh of relief and release it to the world for everyone else to watch.

As for other people’s stuff, I love Girlfriend’s Film’s Pin-Up Girls series!

How would people back home describe you when you were growing up?

Funny, I’ve never been asked this before. Up until the age of 10 I was very outgoing, funny and dramatic, so the kids who knew me then would say I was fun. In the 5th grade I changed schools, and at my new school, I immediately ran for middle school president. I think this really irritated my classmates and so for four years I was bullied and picked on mercilessly. I was very tall and skinny, so people called me “chicken legs”. And because I was so miserable, I tended to just mentally check out while I was at school. For that reason, people also started calling me a “ditz”. I knew I wasn’t stupid or ugly, but the things that my peers said really hurt my feelings. I don’t know what they think now. Maybe they think I’m a completely different person. But I’m not! I was always successful and a leader and smart and pretty but they just pinned me down. I knew that one day I would rise up out of my bad experiences and show everyone the true me and I did.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I’m obsessed with Bravo’s programming, specifically the Real Housewives of Atlanta and Beverly Hills. Love watching that. I really enjoy spending time with my wife talking and enjoying New York. We have two Chihuahuas, so we walk them in the neighborhood and play with them a lot. I’m a really good cook but I don’t prepare dinner that often because my wife and I have very different schedules. I’m involved in charity work here in New York and it’s very important to me to give back. A great day for me is grabbing coffee with an old friend, talking for hours, and then heading home to snuggle on the couch with my wife.

Are there any other projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Yes! Our newest release is Hotel and it’s the best movie I have made so far. I’m not kidding. I think the scenes are really powerfully hot and the cast really blew me away. It’s available on DVD now through Girlfriends Films. We’re also releasing it on the website this month. JuicyPinkBox.com offers a 3-day trial membership for $5, so it’s a great way to check out our work. If you love it, which most people do, you can hang around, and membership is only $25 per month for unlimited streaming and downloads.

The second and third photos come from the Juicy Pink Box release Hotel. You can read our review of Hotel here.