Interview with Kendra Sunderland


Kendra Sunderland 1Hello Kendra, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I’m Kendra Sunderland but everyone calls me “Library Girl” because of the webcam show I did in my school library that went viral. I started webcamming last October because I was tired of applying for jobs and never getting a call back! Since the library video got out I’ve got to do so many amazing things! I was Penthouse Pet for May 2015 and have got to go to so many fun conventions like EXXXOTICA, Cam Con, and Nightmoves Awards! I actually just won the Miss Congeniality award at the Nightmoves Awards 2015! My life has become a dream and I love every second of it!

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

What lured me into camming was the fact that I could just sign up! No interviews or waiting for a call back! Then once I got online for the first time I was hooked! I had so much fun and the guys were so sweet! Then I realized how quick and easy it was to make money on there! I mean there’s guys out there who want to buy things you’ve never even thought of! And not every guy on there wants to watch me masturbate! Some just want to talk and that’s always a nice change when I’ve been masturbating all day!

As everyone probably knows, you became infamous as “Library Girl.” For those that don’t know however, how did you end up with that name?

I sort of explained the library video a little already but I’ll elaborate more because I get asked a lot of questions about it! No, I did not plan this! I webcammed from the library months before it got out! I was just sitting on my phone and kept getting all these friend requests and normally I get a lot but this was one every few seconds! So at first I thought it was just the frat boys that were watching my videos but then I realized it was blowing up much more than that! Fortunately my parents already knew I was a cam girl but my poor grandparents thought I was still in school and then they see on the news that I’m getting “kicked out of college” and “arrested”! Luckily I have the most supportive family and they’ve been really cool about everything! I got charged with public indecency and recently just paid a $1000 fine to resolve it! It’s a class A misdemeanor on my record that I can get taken off after 3 years assuming I don’t get into any more trouble.

You also recently announced a fundraising campaign for breast cancer research. What made you decide to get involved with this and what is your goal as far as funds go?

I recently decided that I wanted to give back to the world as much as I can! So once a month I choose a date where I cam for 24 hours to raise money for the charity I chose! Last month it was for the Against Malaria Foundation! I raised over $3000 in one night!! I don’t normally have a goal for how much I want to raise! I just ask that people come check it out, donate when you can, and respect my rules! I’m super excited for my October one! It’s going to be on October 28th starting at 11am (PST) for a breast cancer research foundation! This one means a lot to me because my aunt and grandma are breast cancer survivors and there’s a chance I could have it. I’m not sure if I can cam for a full 24 hours but I’m going to try my best!

Kendra Sunderland 2I know you are still camming and dancing as well but have you thought about jumping into making movies as well?

I’ve been offered a lot to do professional movies! I love porn stars and porn it’s just not for me! I love camming because I’m in control! It’s not that I get nervous in front of people since I feature dance and everything it’s just I love camming! I love that it sets me apart from the other people in this industry! Because once I become a professional porn star it’s like I have to keep doing new things and pushing myself to stay relevant!

If you were to make movies, who would you want to work with?

If I was to make movie though I would definitely want to work with my friends I’ve made! Like Alena Croft, Jillian Janson, Sophia Locke, Layton Benton, and Kendra Lust for sure! I haven’t made friends with the other Kendra Lust yet I just think it’d be cool to do a scene with two Kendra’s! As for guys, I’d love to work with James Dean, Flynt Dominick, who I’m really close friends with, and Flash Brown! If I was to do a scene the first one I would want would be a 3 sum with 2 guys! I’ve always wanted to try that!

What would you say is your favorite part about camming?

My favorite part about camming is making people’s days! It’s a great feeling knowing u made some one genuinely happy just by being myself! I love making people smile and laugh and to feel some sort of connection with the person even if it’s just for a little bit is an awesome feeling! People are so quick to judge the guys who watch cams but they are the sweetest people I have met! I love my fans, they mean the world to me because I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them! Plus they make my day just as much as I make theirs so it’s a win-win!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

The only advice I have for someone wanting to get into this industry is to figure out what you willing and not willing to do! If you don’t set boundaries then you might get into something you’ll regret later! Also, you have to understand that eventually everyone you know will find out! If your not comfortable telling them “u know what, this is my life and I love doing this so I don’t care what you think” then you shouldn’t be in this industry! You have to be comfortable being who you are! If your not then every little thing is going to break you down! You have to know that not every one is going to like you and that’s okay!

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I have a bunch of weird little hobbies I like to do when I’m not camming! Everyone already knows this but I’m a huge pot smoker! I smoke all day every day! People think weed makes you lazy but that’s not true! I get a lot of stuff done and even have more creative ideas when I’m high! I’m also really good at bedazzling! I know it sounds weird but I bedazzled my make up case and it’s this awesome cheetah print! It sounds super easy but it takes a lot of patience! I also love hard puzzles because it teaches me to be patient!! Other than that I just love to hang out with friends and my puppy Kendra Sunderland 3“Phoebe”! We watch Netflix or go shopping since there’s not a whole lot to do in Salem, Oregon! And of course being the 20 year old that I am I love to party

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I have a lot of new ideas and content for my fan site so make sure to keep tabs on it! The website is! If you want to meet me I’m always going to different conventions! My next one is EXXXOTICA NJ November 13th-15th! I’ll be at the club spotlight booth all weekend! It’s my favorite convention because it’s so much fun and so many stars are there! So make sure to get your ticket and check it out! Follow me on Instagram @kendra_sunderland and Twitter @Kslibrarygirl to see what I’m up to! I always post when I’m going on cam or have an event coming up!