Hello Kirsten, to start things off, what got you interested in joining the adult industry?

I was always very comfortable with my body and fascinated by the adult industry. I started out in the biz by posing for a couple of special editions of Playboy magazine when I lived in NYC and I really enjoyed it. When I came out to LA I continued doing nude modeling for magazines and websites and gradually took the leap into making girl/girl porn. After that I was hooked so when Wicked Pictures approached me to sign a boy girl contract I jumped at the opportunity.

How would you say the industry has changed since you started in the business in 2004?

I think the main change in the industry is obviously the internet. Porn websites and tube sites are changing the way the world watches porn. It’s not the 1st time something like this has happened. People used to watch porn in movie theaters. Then there was the whole VHS/Beta thing, DVD vs. Blu-ray. It’s just like in nature; you have to adapt to survive.

Right now you are only performing with girls. Any plans on getting back into boy/girl or are you content with girls only?

Funny you ask that question. I actually just did my first boy/girl scene out of contract just the other day with Keiran Lee. It was honestly the best scene I’ve ever done. It was so hot and so intense. I will be performing boy/girl scenes with him exclusively for Brazzers.com and doing things I’ve never done before!

I haven’t been able to keep up with who is feature dancing now but is that something you are still doing and if not are you planning on going back to it?

Oh yes! I have been on the road and have even more bookings coming up. I’ll be at Sapphire in NYC Nov 5th then Pittsburgh for my Birthday weekend Nov 9-12 and the weekend after that Nov 16-19 I’ll be in Miami. I can’t remember the club name off hand right now, oopsies.

Any plans on launching a new personal site in the near future?

Yes! I’m shooting content now and hopefully will have enough to launch my new site very soon.

Do you have any desire to direct and/or write movies in the future?

I would love to direct one day. I don’t know if I will ever get the opportunity but I would like to do as many things in this industry as possible.

What would you say is your favorite scene that you have shot?

The scene I shot with Keiran Lee for Brazzers the other day. I’ve never done a scene that comes close to how unbelievably ridiculously hot it was.

When you do watch porn, assuming that you do, what kind do you like to watch?

I actually don’t watch porn.

How would people back home describe you when you were growing up?

I was kind of hyper as a child, always funny a jokester and a prankster. I was a dancer and cheerleader and always the life of the party.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I love doing yoga and taking my dogs for hikes. I also enjoy creating things. I love to sew and make jewelry and bedazzle my feature dancing costumes. I love to cook as well.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Just look out for my hot new boy/girl scenes on Brazzers.com. Follow me on twitter to get updates about dance booking, when my new website will be done at twitter.com/Kirsten_Price. You can also have your way with me on streamate at http://kirsten_price.cammodels.com.

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