Hello Lilly, for those that don’t know who you are, please tell us and please describe yourself.

Hi I’m Lilly. I’m 22 years old and from the South but I have lived all over. I am currently in school working on my degree and have my own wedding planning business on the side. I love my life right now! I am young, wild and free and honestly am just going forward and having as much fun as possible while doing it. I am very sexual person and an open book. I love meeting new people and trying new things. I am a huge chocolate lover and usually am dancing in my living room in my underwear, if I’m not doing anything else. I have learned not to take life too seriously and truly believe if you are a good person, good things will just come your way. Kind of how being a cam girl just came to me. I noticed the other day that I am sort of living a double life but I love it. I do two things that make me completely happy just one of them requires me ogasming, life is good!

What got you interested in joining the adult industry?

To be honest this was really something that presented itself to me as an amazing opportunity. I have always been a very sexual person; I was masturbating close to every day before I found out about cams. I run my own business on the side and this was the only job where I can make my own hours, make great money, and Have orgasms! I can’t think of why I wouldn’t be a part of the adult industry. It also has really opened my eyes to my own sexual side and it honestly has made me a happier person.

You are a camgirl at the moment. What would you say is your favorite part about doing cam shows?

The people. Before I became a cam girl I was very intimidated by the idea that people would be mean. But it turns out to be totally the opposite. The guys are so nice and funny and they really just appreciate you just as you are. It’s funny because I have some friends that ask me “do you feel pressured to look a certain way?” and I honestly don’t, the guys make me feel like the hottest girl in the world when they are in my shows.

What would you say is the craziest thing you have been asked to do while on cam?

One time a guy asked me to find a shiny puffy jacket and masturbate upside down so my squirt would land in my mouth!

Any plans on jumping into movies in the future?

I have no plans of going into movies as of right now. I like this because I am the director.

If you did, what kind of movies would you want to do?

Okay if I ever did I would want to do girl on girl films.

Any plans of starting a website, blog or both in the near future?

Possibly! I am thinking about a website however I need to acquire more followers, which is why 2012 will be my year. I can’t wait!

Do you watch porn and if you do, what kind do you prefer to enjoy?

Oh yes, yes, yes! I watch porn while I cam. The guys know I am doing it. I love looking at other people and it keeps me turned on so I figured, why not. I love threesomes, girl on girl, and orgy porn. Oh my gosh, I must sound like a nymph.

How would people back home describe you when you were growing up?

People back home would probably describe me as a fun, very confident girl. I have always gone after what I wanted. I was president of my class but at the same time a party girl.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

When I’m not working I have a huge hobby for planning weddings. I love, love, love it. I work out almost every day and I am trying to learn to cook.

Are there any other projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I will be doing my first video to sell with another girl this year. Hopefully it will be before February!

If you want to check out Lilly’s cam show, go to http://www.cammodels.com/cam/Lilly_Ortega/