Lynn Vega 1Hello Lynn, for those who might not know you please let us know who you are and describe yourself?

Hi, I’m your bubbly girl next door who loves to showcase my sexuality to make others happy. I’ve been described as a down-to-earth girl who has a lot of love to share and is discovering myself along the way.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

I started out web camming in 2013 and attended the 2014 Adult Entertainment Expo because I wanted to be around others who are open-minded about sexuality. I initially took an interest in the adult industry as a way to explore my sexuality in a safe and sex-positive environment.

So you got your start as a webcam model. What would you say is your favorite part about working on webcam?

My favorite part about working on webcam is that it’s so liberating and empowering and it allows me to have the convenience and freedom to choose when I work and what I do with my time. It’s also been a great venue to allow me to learn things about myself and interact with others.

You have also recently had two scenes released from Girlfriends Films. These were your first two scenes ever shot. What was it like taking the leap into making movies and how did that decision come about?

The decision came about when I attended AEE again in 2015 and was approached by Girlfriends Films. They offered me an opportunity to shoot with them and I decided it was something I didn’t want to miss out on. I was very nervous at first but the whole experience was surreal. I got to perform alongside women whom had been in the industry for years and some who’d been in just a little longer than me, learning something from each of them and making friends along the way. I especially enjoyed my sex scenes but that’s what the industry is about, right?

You are now looking at pursuing a career in shooting girl/girl for the moment. Who would you say is at the top of your list of people or companies that you would like to work with?

Well, I’d love the opportunity to perform with Abigail Mac, Kissa Sins, Jillian Janson and Veruca James to name a few. I’m keeping my options open regarding the various production companies and studios out there.

Do you think at some point you might end up doing boy/girl as well or do you see yourself sticking to girl/girl and solos for the foreseeable future?

For the time being I can only see myself doing girl/girl and solos, though the occasional all-girl orgy would be super hot!

Lynn Vega 2What do you think is the biggest misconception people outside the industry have about the industry?

As soon as people think pornography they have this mental image of degrading women and drug use. I recently was outed to family by someone who had no real knowledge of what I was doing and I had to address the issue head on. It wasn’t something I wasn’t ready to do but it provided me an opportunity to talk with family members about what I do and they gained a better understanding of the industry and the role it plays in my life and eventually were accepting of it. I think if more people had candid, open-minded and nonjudgmental conversations with people in the industry it would open their eyes to a world they never truly understood to begin with.

What would be your dream scene to shoot, assuming money isn’t an issue?

Uh, the all-girl orgy I previously mentioned, duh.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

I would tell them only to do it to feel sexually liberated and empowered, not for the money. Like everything in life, it can’t be all about the money. You also have to have a good head on your shoulders and an idea of where you want to go with it.

Who would you say your idols are, either within the industry or not?

I would say I look at Johnny and Kissa Sins kind of like idols. They’re living their life on their terms and enjoying what they do and it shows. I admire anyone who lives authentically.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I don’t really have many hobbies. I love going for walks with my dog and being outside. Living a healthy lifestyle is a big part of my life. I devote a lot of time to fitness, yoga and maintaining a well-balanced life.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Lynn Vega 3I launched my own website last month,, and that seemed to be gaining some viewers along with my Twitter (@lynn_licksalot) and IG (lynn.vega). Additionally, I’m trying to make more of a presence in the industry on my own terms and in my own time with clips on sites like ManyVids. My next big project is a solo shoot with out in LA which I’m really excited about!