Hello Nikki, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I’m Nikki Hearts, one of few real lesbian performers in the adult industry. Not only am I a real lesbian, but alternative and androgynous and trying to break into the mainstream girl/girl world or porn.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

It was something that I had been considering since I was probably 16. I made amateur videos with my first girlfriend and thought it was really cool. When I was 18 I met Jett Bleu, a now retired lesbian performer, who helped to get me cast in a Juicy Pink Box film.

Any plans on launching your own member’s site?

I would love to start a member’s site eventually. I definitely need to work on building my name and brand for a while though.

If you do, what kind of content would you plan on having on the site?

I want to build a site based around the aesthetics of androgyny. Definitely hardcore content but shot really artistically. I have lots of ideas in the works!

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of people who work in the adult industry?

I’m not sure! I would like to hear what some of them are. I generally don’t surround myself with people who voice these misconceptions.

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

Make as many contacts and friends as possible, only work with people who you enjoy being around and of course, only do what you’re comfortable with. Stick to your guns.

I couldn’t find anything on this but have you thought of feature dancing, on top of performing?

I’m generally really clumsy and awkward so I would probably make a terrible dancer. But I still consider it sometimes!

What are your thoughts on the Prop B passing in LA County?

It sucks. I really hope we’re able to fight it. I, like pretty much everyone else in the industry, of course, am all for safe sex but believe it’s wrong to force full barrier protection in our films. We are all adults and take what measures are necessary to keep us personally healthy and I really don’t feel that showing full barriers in all porn is the best way to educate people on having safe sex.

Who are some of the people you want to work with as a performer but haven’t had the opportunity as of yet?

There are lots of hot babes in the industry who I have yet to bang, too many to think about! But as far as companies, Girl Candy Films is one of the last lesbian companies I’ve yet to have a chance to work with, so I hope that happens soon.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working on your site? Any hobbies?

I love trying new bars and restaurants, exploring Hollywood, the beach and Rock and Roll shows. There’s something new to do every day in Los Angeles!

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I am really excited to be included in Inked Magazine’s 2013 hottest tattooed porn stars edition. Warwick Saints is shooting the photos for that, so I’m really thrilled and nervous to shoot with him! I just signed on with Valley Cam Girls, so keep an eye out for me on Streammate and. The Real L Word XXX NYC is coming out soon! That will be my newest DVD release!