Sam Phillips 1Hello Sam, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

I am a 30-year veteran of the entertainment industry. I am a television and radio host, a TV and film producer, a writer, an actor, and I started out as a top teen model. I lived in Europe alone at 15, and travelled the world until I was 21. I appeared in magazines such as Italian Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, Mademoiselle, Seventeen, and had campaigns with Jordache Jeans, Sebastian hair care products, Esprit clothes, to name a few. I moved to Hollywood in ’89 and starred in the cult movie classic, Phantasm II. I went on to star in 40 more films, and the Showtime network television series, “Hot Springs Hotel.” I produced and cast the hugely popular Busty Cops film franchise. I was a reporter for 3 years on the Playboy channel’s “Sexcetera,” I co-hosted the nationally syndicated network talk show, “Men are from Mars… Women are from Venus” with Dr. Drew. I also hosted “Xtreme Fakeovers” on the PAX network, and “The Single Life with Sam Phillips” on MAV TV. Currently, I host “Sam’s Pajama Party” 3 days a week, Mon., Weds., and Fri. 2-3pm PST for FilmOn TV on and SKY TV channel 292.

You have a show on Vivid Radio called The Single Life. How did the show get started and what do you talk about on the show?

On “The Single Life” I talk about topics that relate to sex, dating and relationships. “The Single Life” started out as radio show for 5 years on 97.1 KLSX, the only FM talk station in Los Angeles. First Gary Garver was my partner, and then Chris Leary became my co-host. In 2009 the 97.1 station fell victim to a format flip from FM Talk, to Top 40 music. I took “The Single Life” show to MAV TV (in 40 million homes), and I executive produced, and host the 26 half-hour episodes, which aired from 2009-2011. My concept was similar to what Stern used to do on the E network, but I wanted more of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans to be seen by the viewer. I kept my crew from 97.1… my call screener Yanira, my board op Jorge, my assistant Marc, my intern Jaime, and my co-host Chris. I created an uncensored podcast version of the TV show during that time, for Hot Talk LA online, and the crew did it with me; we talked about our personal lives, the sex we had, who we were dating, and the issues we were facing in our relationships. These days, I am doing a re-vamped version of “The Single Life” show with my former call-screener Yanira Johnson, for Vivid Radio, SiriusXM 102. Yanira has taken this journey with me from the very beginning, and we have an amazing chemistry together on air. She knows me, and my radio style. She’s also my polar opposite – the Yin to my Yang; I’ve slept with over 500 guys, she’s slept with 11. We have a great time doing the show, and we interact on a very real level with our listeners, trying to resolve their issues.

What would you say are some of things that most successful relationships have in common?

There are things you can do to maintain a successful, long lasting, healthy relationship. You should feel safe to communicate your feelings in a non-threatening way, and not over react when your mate doesn’t agree with you. You should have respect for one another, each other’s boundaries, and trust that your partner has your best interest at heart. You should have dynamite sexual compatibility, and feel safe to explore your fantasies with your partner. You should feel a deep sense of commitment, and have shared interests and responsibilities. You both should be able to deal with crisis and obstacles, and be on the same financial page. For any relationship to work, you need to do just that — work at it! You need to work at keeping the romance alive. Make sure you say you love your partner every day. Small gestures score large points. Make an effort to let your mate know they are still sexy and desired with once-a-week date nights. You need to keep the romance alive by fanning the flames. Listen to, and validate your partners feelings. Agree to disagree in arguments, and never go to bed angry.

On the same note, what would you say are things that relationships that go bad have in common?

Bad relationships happen to good people. And try as you might, sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and move on. All too often we stay in toxic and unhealthy relationships out of fear, or lack of opportunity to make changes. Similarly, we can end up with a person who didn’t start out abusive, but turn that way because of their own issues. I always say that it’s better to be alone, and happy, then be with someone for the sake of being with someone, who makes you unhappy. Beware anyone who uses violence, or intimidation to control you. Don’t let your mate take over your life… tell you how to dress, what to do, or cut you off from your friends, or family. No relationship can survive when there is a lack of trust, respect and communication between lovers. Establish your ‘ground rules’ up front. If you like to swap partners, 3-ways, or anal sex, don’t wait 2 years into your relationship to spring it on your mate. If you like breakfast in bed, and BJ’s in the morning, please, let your lady know up front what’s expected of her. Then it’s her choice to be there, and she’s not doing it out of resentment, or fear of losing you.

When you are at the beginning of a relationship, what would you say are the things you should reveal about yourself that will help avoid getting things off to a rocky start?

I think honesty is the key to getting your relationship off to a good start. Most people put their best foot forward when they first meet someone, and will be their most behaved at the beginning. It’s not until a few months in that a person starts to feel comfortable, they let their guard down, and start being themselves. Then problems can arise if the person they were before, isn’t the same person they are now. Especially if their lover fell for the first Sam Phillips coverversion. I say, if you have baggage, you should disclose it upfront when you start dating, i.e.: if you have a felony charge, financial woes, a psycho ex-wife/husband, a current stalker, or kids. Also, if you are into kinky sex play, fetishes, or sexual experimentation, it’s good to let your partner know, so you don’t have to keep it a secret. Or go elsewhere to get off.

What would you consider a good way to start up a conversation with someone to you may or may not be attracted to?

When approaching someone, I advise that you smile at the person, and that you look them in the eyes when talking to them. Smiling immediately puts a person at ease, and being able to look them in the eyes shows a sense of strength, and self-confidence. Be charming, not cheesy. For the most part, pick-up lines don’t work. Be genuine with your compliments, don’t just make stuff up. And don’t take “no” personally. Move on. It’s a numbers game, and practice makes perfect. Pay attention to your appearance. Make sure your hair, nails, and breath are clean. Your shoes, tie, and watch should be nice. Chicks analyze everything, and make judgments based on how presentable you look.

What would you consider some of the best dating/matchmaking sites out there? What about the worst ones?

Dating sites are great for busy people who don’t have the time to go out and socialize. The beauty of dating on the Internet is that there is a site for everyone, and the resources are unlimited. Dating sites have gotten pretty specific, targeting different demographics, various niches, cultures, and ethnicities. Google is a great resource. You can search for the exact type of site you’re looking for. There are Jewish dating sites, Christian dating sites, Asian dating sites, married people dating sites, older women dating sites. free sites, sites you can join for a fee. It’s the sky’s the limit on the web, it’s whatever you are into. You can also do a search of user reviews for various sites, to make sure they are legitimate.

Now I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask you about your time as a Penthouse Pet (June 2003). How exciting was that at the time and do you still have good memories of that time?

First, let me correct you. I was a Penthouse Pet in June of 1993, not 2003. It is the achievement in my career that I am most proud of. And I am still affiliated with the company to this day, working for them in many capacities. I write articles for the magazine, and their online sites. I interview people for them on the red carpet. I still do promotions. And they sponsor my FilmOn TV show, “Sam’s Pajama Party.” This is the longest relationship I’ve ever had, with this company. It has been an amazing twenty year romance, with no end in site. Being a Penthouse Pet is like the stamp of being the President. Once you’re a Pet, you’re always referred to as a Pet.

You also have had a career in movies and TV. How did those opportunities come about and do you have a favorite performance?

I’ve had an interesting career trajectory. I dropped out of High School as a teen and lived on the streets, I became a top model and travelled the world, I starred in a few movies, then got a boob job, and posed for Penthouse, I did even more movies, I became a reporter, a radio broadcaster, and a television host, I produced films and TV shows, wrote articles and columns for the LA Weekly and Penthouse Magazine, and then hosted more radio shows, and TV shows. I realized early on that I was much better playing ‘myself’ than trying to become other characters. I think I’m a way better host, than I am an actress. But I do have a few favorite films I’ve been in; Deceit, Phantasm II, Angel 4: Undercover, Weekend at Bernies, The Dallas Connection and Fallen Angel.

Who would you say are your idols?

I don’t have any idols. I deeply admire many, many people in the entertainment industry, and in my personal life. But I wouldn’t say that I idolize anyone.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I work a LOT. In my spare time, I spend it hanging out with my friends, and family. I am writing two books at the moment, so I tend to sit on the computer when I am home. I like to Sam Phillips 3get lost in painting. My whole family is extremely artistic, and creative, and I am putting together an art exhibit for us this fall at Gallery 446 in Palm Springs. I also love watching TV, and I even sit on the phone with my cousin Roo watching our shows together, and commenting.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I’d love to promote “The Single Life,” which airs every Wednesday from 7-8pm PST, heard on Vivid Radio SiriusXM Channel 102. I’m also planning to visit NYC in the coming months, and will be broadcasting live from the Vivid Radio booth at the new Vivid Cabaret in midtown Manhattan. You can catch my live TV show, “Sam’s Pajama Party” every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 2-3pm PST on FilmOn TV, SKY TV channel 292,, and