Scarlett Fay 1Hello Scarlett, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Hey there! My name is Scarlett Fay and I’ve been a part of this adventure we call porn for seven years. I’m a natural redhead, from head to toe, with freckles, fair skin and green eyes. I’m Irish, Scottish and French. I’m 5’6″ and 115lbs. I’m not the average porn girl and you would never know it by looking at me that I have sex on camera for a living. I am the real girl next door.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

Porn was never on my radar. I discovered porn at 14 when my parents got cable. I loved watching porn, but never once thought that I would be a part of this industry. Back when Myspace was cool, my avatar happened to be a picture of me in school girl outfit. It was Halloween. A few days after posting the picture I was approached by a porn agency. They said I had the look they needed and asked me to come to Chatsworth for a meeting. I was hesitant and for two weeks we continued to converse back and forth. They never tried to hide the fact that they were a porn agency who represented female talent in the industry and they didn’t sugarcoat anything. I was 22 at the time and currently working at Pala Casino, bored out of my mind, wanting and needing something else, but wasn’t sure what that was. I was also extremely impulsive, which is a character flaw I still have today. In two weeks I found myself meeting with the owner of the agency. I gave my Do’s and Don’ts and a week later I was shooting for Vivid for Brand New Faces #6. I never looked back.

As I am sure many people know, you took a break from the industry and recently came back. What lead to the decision to come back and how are you hoping to do things this time around?

I never actually took a break from the industry. I was working fairly steady for PlayboyTV for shows such as BadAss (Seasons 1 & 2), Playboy’s Beach House, Naughty Amateur Home Videos and Foursome. At this time I was a free agent and PBTV kept me pretty busy. I never quit the industry or left, but I soon found myself in a serious relationship and made the decision to quit BG and just do GG, which can be a career killer in this industry. To go from BG to just GG is a big step backwards and the bookings eventually stopped coming in. You could probably say that I was on a three year hiatus from the industry but never officially left. I’ve always loved this industry and as my relationship ended, I decided to come back full throttle. I have recently signed with Ideal Image Models and I’m looking to expand my brand.

Speaking of your time away, one of the things you did was to act in a mainstream indie movie High & Outside. I know there have been some issues trying to finish this movie but how is it going and when do you think that it will come out?

Indie movies have a hard time getting funding as I’ve come to find out. But it’s been an amazing experience. We are definitely picking up production this may and we’re currently looking to cast a female for the role of a dancer. I’m hoping the movie will be ready by end of this year if not sooner.

Have you thought about getting behind the camera in any way? If so what do you see yourself doing?

I would definitely love to get behind the camera, whether that is directing, producing or just working as a PA on a mainstream or adult film. A lot of work goes into the movies that are shot, both pornographic and mainstream films. The people that work behind the scenes are the people that really make these movies and scenes happen. I’d love to have some of that experience under my belt and learn the tricks of the trade.

Are there any acts that you haven’t done yet that you are looking at possibly doing in the next year or so?

I’m more known as the “Girl Next Door” as well as a “Pillow Queen,” and I’m definitely looking to do more hardcore acts and scenes. I’ve already shot a pretty intense scene for, which definitely pushed me to my limits and got my adrenaline going. I loved it. I want to keep my Girl Next Door brand, while also broadening the scenes I shoot. I’m looking to shoot my first IR scene, first GG Anal, first Blowbang and I definitely want to feature dance.

What would you say is your favorite scene that you have shot is so far?

Scarlett Fay 2My Lohan scenes will forever remain my favorite scenes that I’ve shot. I love working for Hustler, Axel Braun and Richard Montfort (RIP), we just always had a great time shooting the Lindsay Lohan parodies. Lots of laughs and it never felt like work.

Who would you say your idols are, either in the industry or not?

I’d definitely have to say Stormy Daniels is a big idol of mine. She’s definitely someone who does it all. Shoots, directs, full time mom. It’s really amazing and I love working for her. I’m also very proud of Alan Eigen (@StillsByAlan), who has become an amazing photographer and is now directing his own material, which is something he’s always wanted to do and these are definitely people to look up to and learn from. I’m also big fans of my director for High & Outside, Evald (@EvaldStandard17), who has worked incredibly hard to get our movie up and running, our lead actor, Phil Donlon (@PhilDonlon1), who is an amazing actor and I’m incredibly excited to be working with him, Gabriel Mann (@GabrielKMann), who is the amazing cameraman and editor for High & Outside and I was honored to be in his music video for his band Sapphica for the song Robotix. I have also learned a lot from a close friend of mine who I’ll just call EB. He’s someone who has definitely built his company from the ground up, was never handed anything, didn’t come from a trust fund family & is an incredible business man. I have learned a lot from him and will be forever thankful for his help.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

For the guys and gals wanting to get into the industry, remember this one thing: Once it’s on the internet, it is there forever. You can’t take it back. For girls wanting to get into the industry, make sure you love sex and love yourself as well. Don’t allow any guy (aka suitcase pimp) force you into this business. Be very clear about what you will and will not do and don’t do everything right off the bat. Get your feet wet first. Start slow. Don’t sign anything without reading it first. Don’t allow anyone to talk you into anything. If you’re not ready or comfortable doing it, Don’t! If you have to get drunk or do drugs to get through your scene, this industry is not for you. Your body, your rules. For guys wanting to get into the business, it’s pretty simple. If you can get your dick hard and keep it hard in front of 12 or more people, you’ll be just fine. Your chiseled chest, rock hard abs and good looks will not get you anywhere in this industry if you are constantly having “wood problems.” Word spreads fast in this business and if you have issues getting hard the directors won’t book you. No one wants to stay on set for an extra four hours waiting on you to get hard and cum. Remember, your agent works for you, not the other way around. If you find a good agent, you work together. Last but not least, save your money. This industry is fleeting. You could be the “it” guy or girl today, but new people are coming off the ships every day. There will be slow shoot months and possible moratoriums, which have been known to shut us down for a month. That means no work. So, save your money, have a goal, have a plan and get out.

Also, and this is specially for the guys out there, don’t constantly annoy or harass the girls online. Don’t constantly ask them to shoot with you or to follow you on Twitter. It makes you come across as a creeper and if you ever do end up working in the industry, you will be on a lot of “no” lists.

Who are some of the people that you really want to work with but haven’t as of yet?

I definitely would love to work with Xander, Keiren Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Danny Mountain just to name a few. As far as girls go, I’d love to work with Aaliyah Love, Scarlett Red, Maddy O’Reilly, Kimmy Lee, Bonnie Rotten. Any of these would work.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

Big movie buff! I’m also a big reader. Most of my fans can tell that by my Amazon Wish list. haha. I’m not big on fiction. I’m addicted to learning different things about history, psychology or biographies. I love hiking. I’m a born and raised California girl so I love the beach. I like adventure and road trips as well as traveling.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Scarlett Fay 3April 9th I will be signing at the Hustler store on sunset for This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX, which comes out this April and is my first BG in three years with Ryan Driller. Please keep an ear out for High & Outside, which is nearly done and ready for release. Also, we are still looking to cast a female for the dancer role in the movie. It is a speaking role. Feel free to email me if you’re interested in auditioning For all industry bookings, please contact A new scene will be up on, so, be sure to check back my intense bondage scene. For all other updates, nonsense, and randomness, give me a follow on twitter @ScarlettFay1oh1 and keep up with my blog

You can check out Scarlett on cam at You can also check her out at Club Xposed in Canoga Park Thursday-Saturday nights.