Hello Sunset, for those that don’t know who you are, please tell us and please describe yourself.

I’m best described as a porn star but I think I’m much more than that. I have been inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame, the Hustler Porn Walk Hall of Fame, the XRCO Hall of Fame and the Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame. But I also starred in HBO’s hit series Cathouse, I was the first adult star to enter Nevada’s legal brothel system. I’m also a dancer and writer and most importantly a mom!

What got you interested in joining the adult industry?

I did a layout for Larry Flynt’s Chic magazine when I turned 18, a long time ago. I made the cover and so I decided to try shooting a solo flick, Mr. Peeper’s 25. The experience turned me on soooo much that I’ve never looked back but I’ve been on my back plenty since then!

As most people know, you have retired from performing and a couple years ago you released your final movie, Into the Sunset. The most interesting thing about the movie was that you performed with a fan. What was the reason you decided to perform with a fan?

My fans made me the star that I am and so I wanted to give something back to them. I did a huge contest and chose this real regular guy, Chris Bellis, from Windgap, PA. It’s funny because “fan fucking” has become all the rage since then. But anyway, I wanted to go out doing something new and special and that film is one of my greatest onscreen achievements. What a cast as well, Penny Flame, Brooke Banner, Lexi Love, Nick Manning, Marco Banderas and my best bud Ron Jeremy. Plus it was directed by the great Axel Braun.

I’m actually going to do something again for a fan, only this time it’s around my new male sex enhancement tablet, Las Vegas Showtime (www.lasvegasshowtime.com). We’re going to have a competition involving sales and web traffic and whoever generates the most will win an over-night experience with me here in Vegas, with hotel, travel and everything else included!

Any plans of getting back into the industry as maybe a director or something along those lines?

Actually, I’m in discussions right now about starting a line of flicks that I will direct and make cameo appearances in. Wish I could tell you more but it’s still a little early to let the pussy out of the bag.

Recently you were also a part of a new photo art project, which can be seen at SunsetThomasArtGallery.com. How did this come about and what were your reasons for doing it?

You can see and purchase these wonderful, artsy images at www.sunsetthomasartgallery.com. Tony Lance Chiu was the photographer and these are the best pics I’ve ever taken, very seductive and thematic, really art pieces. Plus I shot them in my home which was a first. People always want to see current pictures and I’m proud of how they turned out.

You also have a web series called Sin City Mom. For those people that haven’t seen it, what is it about and where can they view the show?

You can see episodes on www.sincitymom.com and on YouTube as well. The show is being shopped around and I’m hopeful that maybe it’ll get picked up. It’s a true behind the scenes look at my professional and personal life. It’s funny and touching and sexy and honest!

Seeing that you had a lengthy career in the industry, how would you say that the industry changed from when you started to when you retired?

Well there’s a lot more actresses and actors that’s for sure. Back in the day there were “stars”, people with staying power. It seems that today it’s the flavor of the week. Also, it’s funny but back then a lot of us got into porn after trying our hand at mainstream. Today porn is like a launch pad for mainstream. Also the sets were much more fun. I mean we all knew each other and it was relaxed and lots of sex behind the camera. It’s just much more impersonal these days but that’s cool. Everything in life is subject to change.

What would you say is your favorite movie that you shot?

Of course my final film Into the Sunset. But I also loved making Sunset’s Gangbang. Hey what girl wouldn’t? I did a DP with Peter North and Sean Michaels, talk about studs! I loved Misty Beethoven, I got to sing in that one and of course working with Michael Ninn on Sex and Latex, they are both classic and he’s such a genius.

Do you watch porn and if you do, what kind do you prefer to enjoy, other than your own?

Obviously, I like porn but actually I don’t really watch it, especially my stuff. I have a pretty good imagination and a very healthy sex drive so I don’t require much stimulation.

How would people back home describe you when you were growing up?

I wasn’t very attractive or popular and my family was large and basically poor, we were kind of roaming hillbilly’s, always moving. I think that’s why I’ve been so proud of my career, the little dorky girl from Sikeston, Missouri made it! And I think that’s why I adore my fans so much because they have filled in for the hurt and loneliness of my teen years. I was always a tom-boy though and that’s not changed.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I like to paint and sketch, I don’t think I’m very good at it but it occupies my time. I also like to hangout at my neighborhood bar, Montana Meat Company, and play video poker. I guess that’s a Vegas hobby type-of-thing. I also love watching boxing and horse racing. Honestly, I’m kind of boring in my civilian life. I go to bed early and spend a lot of time with my family.

Are there any other projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

I’ve got so many projects right now. I just signed a deal to endorse a male sex enhancement pill called Las Vegas Showtime. It’s all natural and it actually works, big time! I have a book out, Anatomy of an Adult Film, plus I contributed to the upcoming book by Arianne Cohen called The Sex Diaries. This is going to be a best-seller and it comes out in February! I also write a column for www.doghouseboxing.com and I just shot a music video with the rock band Beggars & Thieves. I also do lots of charity work here in Vegas. Even though I’m “retired” I haven’t stopped working and creating and being there for my fans!