Tera Patrick 1Hello Tera, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Hello friends and fans!! I’m excited to be featured here on aipdaily so thank you!! I am an Adult actress, producer , author , model, feature dance performer !! I like to call myself a “trick of all trades! My motto is “I’m not easy to handle but if you can handle me I’m easy!!” I am still active within the adult industry in many different endeavors . The adult business has been very good to me and I love to intreat with my friends and fans through my social media platforms as well. Twitter: tera1patrick, Instagram yodasoda_

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

I started in the adult industry June 1999, my very first “job” was actually test shooting for Playboy Magazine! I was very nervous as I’d never done any nudity! I was introduced to Suze Randall the very next day after my Playboy shoot and she submitted me to Penthouse Magazine and I was chosen as the February 2000 Penthouse Pet! I shot many editorial covers and centerfolds with Suze Randall before shooting my first adult film which was Aroused with Andrew Blake. I worked for some great companies early on in my career which gave me the opportunity to travel the world and have sex and fun sexual experiences with great people. I got to live out a lot of my fantasies. I started my own production company “Teravision” in 2003 and started creating and owning my own content . Vivid became my distribution partner and I received a lot of support and guidance through them. I retired from shooting hardcore scenes in 2008 but I still maintain many business relationships within the adult industry the most important being with my loyal fans!

You are now living in Europe, specifically Italy, and are involved with Fantasy Studio Agency. What is your role with them and what are they all about?

Tera Patrick 4Yes! I moved to Italy and live here now. I love this beautiful country! Fantasy Studio Agency is an entertainment agency that specializes in booking adult stars and feature dance performers here in Italy and Europe. We are looking to expand and bring over some US adult film stars as well. Alexia Mell and David Gambin have been amazing to work with. Alexia Mell has been working as a glamour model, webcam model and feature dance star for over 10 years. I LOVE working with another woman like her who has such strong business ethics and but is also an entertainer! You can check them out at  www.fantasystudio.it

You are also working as a feature dancer over in Italy. What is it like dancing there as compared to the US?

I really love performing over here in Italy! The Italians are such passionate people and there are no limits to my shows here. I actually was a bit taken aback at first because sometimes the crowd can get a bit “rowdy” but it’s all in good fun! I can do a very sensual show on stage with a toy or I can do a classic burlesque routine and the crowd is so responsive! I think in the US there are so many laws and restrictions with some clubs not even letting you interact with the fans that it can be a bit “cold” . Not that I didn’t have good shows back in the US but performing here in Europe I find that the attitude towards sex and feature performers is a lot more open.

What differences, if any, would you say there are between Europeans and Americans when it comes to sex and sexuality?

Well it’s funny because Italy is also deeply rooted in religion as well but I find that Europeans and especially Italians are a lot more “expressive” when it comes to sex in a way! Living over here yes I get recognized but also just being a woman you receive a lot of attention whether you want it or not. Men will stop you just to proclaim how beautiful you are. We must take a coffee now! Let’s go for a cruise, Let me show you the sights. Italian men are very proud and passionate and love to sweep you off your feet, even if just for the night! Let’s just say I am having an amazing time with these beautiful men. I do miss American men and their accents though. Of course it’s what’s familiar to me so I am actually pretty close to the US Air Force Tera Patrick 2here where I live and I “stalk” these hot as fuck men. In two cities I perform in, Vicenza at Kiss Kiss and in Treviso, a lot of the military comes to see me so I really get excited. A man in uniform is my weakness and these military men get me going .. meow!

As many probably know, you are one of the Fleshlight girls. What was it like when you get molded for a toy like the Fleshlight?

Yes! I was one of the first adult actresses to become a Fleshlight Girl! I am so proud of my Fleshlight and the long relationship I’ve had with them. What a great company to be a part of. Aside from having such a great selling product, Fleshlight has been very good to me on a personal level as well. I love how much the brand has evolved.

Are you still webcamming from time to time as well?

Yes I do webcam! I am on Streamate (www.terapatrick.cammodels.com) i really enjoy webcamming .If you are a member of my website you can see me when I webcam as well. It gives me an outlet to stay in touch with my fans and friends I’ve made on there!

Any plans on writing a follow up to your first book? If so what would it be about?

Yes! I did write a follow up to “Sinner Takes All” now it’s up to the publisher on when it will be released! My life has changed as life does 3000% since I wrote “Sinner Takes All”. I wrote my first memoir with Carrie Borzillo during a four month period in 2009 which is quite fast to pen a book. I elected to leave out quite a bit as I knew I was going through quite a bit personally and I wanted to be diplomatic . So many fans, friends , and supporters keep asking “hey whats new! What happened !”’  I’m dying to know!!” Let’s just say I got and continue to live my “Happy Ending.”

What would you say is your favorite movie or scene you have done so far?

Wow! That’s not an easy one. I really enjoyed my scenes with Savanna Samson in Tera Tera Tera. Savanna was my first hardcore G/G scene so of course it’s quite memorable for me. Not only is she so beautiful but she was just so sensual and passionate with me. Briana Banks and I had a very Tera Patrick 5intense scene as well. She’s quite nasty and I loved looking at the intensity in her eyes as we went at it. I always wanted to do a scene with Rocco and we never got around to it or Manuel Ferrara. I never knew Manuel when I was a performer and maybe that’s a good thing. The things I would do to him!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking about getting in the adult industry?

I get asked this question a lot by new girls. It’s such a different time now obviously and a lot of the same opportunities for women just aren’t there. I have always maintained that first above all make sure 100% this is what you want to do.. You cannot “take it back” as I say. Your image will be everywhere and even owning your content you don’t always have control of where and how you will be marketed. If you decide to have a family or pursue other ventures in life porn may help or hinder you. I think views are changing quite a bit and the adult industry has become a bit more mainstream not so taboo. I absolutely love the adult industry. I am grateful for all of my experiences and the wonderful life it provides me. I have been able to parlay my  success from the industry into other business ventures and I’m able to travel, live abroad and provide such a great life for my family. I’m also proud of my body of work and that I make people happy everyday!

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

I’m always working! I love to travel, see new places. I love to cook, read, paint, garden and sew. My favorite books are true crime, science related and biographies.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

Yes! I am staring in a new mainstream movie Madhouse Mecca that I will film in Virginia Beach , Virginia in March 2016 Tera Patrick 3(www.madhousemecca.com). My official website where you can find everything Tera is www.terapatrick.com, my shoppe to purchase anything from me is www.allthingstera.net. I shot a mainstream feature Live Nude Girls with Mike Hatton, Missy Martinez, Asa Akira, Bree Olsen and Andy Dick. Such a great cast and so fun! You can see it at www.livenudegirlsmovie.com

I want to always thank my fans so very much for their constant love and support! xoxo Tera Patrick