Congrats on your entry for the Miss Rubber World Contest. For those not familiar with the event, what is it about? Once crowned, what are your obligations?

Sarula: If I win Miss America, I want world peace. Just kidding. If I am crowned Miss Rubber World I will convert the world to rubber. Miss Rubber World is the entire blanket aspect of being a rubberist. From owning to care, wearing and using, experimenting and educating and most certainly showing it off to the world. Once crowded I will use my title of Miss Rubber World to help others in the community to spread the word and be part of rubber oriented events, such as Mr. Rubber New England.

Queen Titania: To me, Miss Rubber World is about having rubber take center stage and showing how it can transform a person, how it influences their sensuality and sexuality and why people need to wear more rubber in general. This is a pivotal time to show people that it isn’t just a costume, for so many people it is an art or even a lifestyle.

Sarula: We become a rubber ambassador and use the crown to continue the fight against fetish discrimination. Adding the title of Miss Rubber World to my portfolio will only strengthen my voice against political injustice.

Obviously, you don’t want to give away any secrets before the event, but do you think there’s anything that gives you an advantage in the competition?

Lydia Lael: Well, the fact that I make my own outfits definitely gives me an advantage. I can literally make whatever I want for myself to wear in the competition. Also, I have an amazingly talented team involved in my performance. The show is a very unique performance art piece that I have been developing for a while and I’m excited to finally premiere it for Miss Rubber World.

Queen Titania: I think the secret weapon I have in store might give me a bit of an advantage! Beyond that mystery, I feel the fact that I use latex as a temporary body modification gives me an advantage. I don’t just wear a latex dress; I try to present myself as a latex sculpture, a living rubber being; one that is a bit different from the “typical” rubber doll. As if a rubber doll could ever be typical.

Is there a rubber designer you’re working closely with for the event?

Queen Titania: Unfortunately for the designer, yes. I am working pretty closely with Lydia Lael of Vengeance Designs for my outfits. I am a perfectionist so every new outfit involves a long drawn out discussion over the design and elements that I need to be just right. I can’t imagine how annoying I am to deal with at times like this!

Lydia Lael: I started Vengeance Designs, about two years ago and I craft unique fetish fashions. Everything I do is custom and I specialize in creating beautiful rubber fantasy pieces. My clients are the type of fetishists who like their rubber to be cutting edge and visually stunning.

Sarula: A majority of the outfits I will be featuring will my own creations. As much as I love to make my own outfits I also love to support the community by owning other labels. With that said, I am not exclusively working with any one designer at any time.

How did the rubber obsession start for you? Was there someone that introduced this to you? Was there an influence by movies or other rubberists?

Queen Titania: It probably started with the thought “That is a really cool PVC catsuit!” I quickly learned there was a reason that PVC catsuit was so tight and form fitting, it wasn’t PVC at all! Eventually I met Latex Nemesis and everything grew from there. Her craftsmanship is so perfect that when you put on your first hood or pair of stockings from Latex Nemesis, there is nothing like it. My relationship with latex may have taken a different turn if I had been stuck buying off the rack. You feel a lot more like a rubber sculpture in stockings that look painted on than in something meant to fit a range of people.

Sarula: I honestly can’t pin down what specifically got me into rubber. I’ve always had a love for all things that are shiny and it eventually graduated into latex. I can only assume that it started from going to Boston’s favorite alternative fetish club the Manray. When you wear PVC it’s only natural to graduate to a shinier, better fitting material.

Lydia Lael: I got into fetish modeling when I was about eighteen and I did my first ever fetish fashion show with Latex Nemesis. From that point on, I started diving more and more into the rubber scene and eventually I just fell in head-first and decided I wanted to make my own rubber designs. Since I’ve started my business, I’ve been around rubber every day of my life and I couldn’t be happier.

Mistress Titania, transgender equality has now become a hot topic in the adult industry. You’re one of two transgender contestants running for the Miss Rubber World title. This is not unprecedented. Does this event help promote transgender equality and does it offer advantages to the transgender community as a whole?

Queen Titania: The second half of that question answers the first half. By welcoming anyone with a “femme” identity, the Rubber Ball and Miss Rubber World puts us all on an even playing field. I can’t think of anything more advantageous than that and that is the best thing any event can do to promote equality. Whether or not I entered it was empowering to know I wouldn’t have to jump through any hoops to compete.

What’s the wildest rubber adventure you’ve had?

Lydia Lael: Dirty secrets aren’t as fun when they’re not secrets anymore…

Awwww come on! Tell us!

Sarula: My shiny slave left a fetish club. I was in a full black latex catsuit with thigh high latex boots and my slave in latex leggings and a latex t-shirt. We were on our way home, in a big hot rush because we were so turned on. We got pulled over for speeding. There was a male and female cop that came to both sides of the car. After a round of the usual questions, they started asking all these questions about what we were wearing. They were so interested in what we were wearing and where we were coming from. We ended up giving them flyers and were sent on our way without even a warning! We continued our rush home to play, laughing and even more turned on.

Queen Titania: I know I have been on wilder adventures and done many raunchy things in rubber, but the most intense thing to me was the first time I went to a large party in full body rubber. It was a Halloween edition of Smack years ago. There was something about walking through the streets of New York, feeling every gust of wind through latex and the way I stood out despite it being Halloween and everyone else being in wild costumes that will always stand out in my mind. At the time I felt like a totally different person.

Is there a particular piece of rubber clothing or device that really turns you on more than anything?

Queen Titania: The answer to that question would ruin my secret for the event! Latex stockings are a close second though, I will never get tired of the incredible sensation of a slave lubing up my stockings.

Sarula: I really like to wear micro mini dresses. I like when the dress is so short you can see the bottom of my bum. Of course I usually don’t wear undies with anything latex so it just feels that much more scandalous and sexy. Also when it’s that short, I can throw on my favorite matching pair of stockings and opera gloves to get that full body coverage!

Lydia Lael: I love catsuits! I’m a big fan of cosplay and more specifically comic book superheroes and villains. So many of my favorite characters have catsuit-based costumes and when I have the time, I’m going to make and wear all of them. When the fit is perfect, it’s truly like a second skin. Some latex outfits restrict movement or have to be worn in specific ways but in a catsuit, I feel like I could run a marathon, dance till my legs fall off, fuck my brains out, or kick some serious ass. Maybe all at once if I’m feeling ambitious.

What is the wildest fantasy you haven’t been able to try yet?

Sarula: I have been dying to take my slave to a pony track! I have been working on getting him the bits and pieces needed to make him my pony boy and I want to ride him around an outdoor track. Doubling my fantasy, riding him during a week-long domme vacation trip.

Queen Titania: An extension of a rubber dehumanization session I did last summer. I spent two hours turning the slave into a latex worm, bound and covered in rubber so it could only squirm around the floor. I want to heighten that with hypnosis, expand it over the course of a day and leave the slave completely broken, culminating with public exhibition of my latex worm.

Lydia Lael: Everything I design is based off of some wild fantasy and since my mind is full of ideas and constantly brewing more, the list of fantasies is a mile long. My newest collection of fantasies comes from my fetish for vintage lingerie. I lust after the idea of women wearing corsets, merry widows, girdles, thigh highs, bullet bras and long soft robes. Turn those classic items into one hundred percent rubber and its two of my biggest fetishes fused into one!

Last question, do you have any new appearances in the media or events before Miss Rubber World we should be on the lookout for?

Mistress Titania: I will be working with Bella Vendetta for the relaunch of but other than that it is the boring, ordinary life of a rubber dominatrix until then. Of course I can always be found at my dungeon in Providence or on NiteFlirt as MistressTitania.

Lydia Lael: I will finally launch my website,, a few weeks before Miss Rubber World. The site will feature a web store, full portfolio, photo and video from live events, and also some very interesting fetish fashion videos! Until then, you can find my fabulous rubber on Etsy. Just go to or email me directly at to discuss custom work.

Sarula: My slave and I are about to launch a new version of our site I am working with in a local TV series to do some live on air body paint sessions. I feature at some Boston vanilla house nights as the “femme fetal” go-go dancer/side show performer, in latex of course!

My event, Jaded, is a Massachusetts fetish night that incorporates multimedia aspects such as performance, music, live artists, food, fashion, education, vendors and of course rubber. Jaded is a home for anyone and everyone that has a talent and wants to be seen. I pride myself on a rotating cast of people involved so it’s not the same old-same old every time. Check us out online anytime,