Interview With ‘Throat Goat’ Bree Austin

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How did a nice girl like you…

It’s a weird story but a common one about how I got into the industry. I was in the lifestyle as a unicorn, and one of the guys I was with told me that I would be great in porn. I told him he was full of shit (she laughs), but then he said to me that he used to own one of the largest adult websites.

Suddenly my porn career was born!


We have to assume your day is not just all humping and sucking and… what’s happening behind the scenes that we laypeople don’t know about, but that you have to attend to day-to-day to build your brand?

Loading all our content, editing, paperwork, and posting to all social media channels is a lot harder than you think it will be. There is a lot of work our fans never see.


Buck list scenes you’d like to shoot?

I have a crap ton of stuff on my bucket list; gangbangs, blow bangs, DVP, working with certain performers and certain directors, working with more BI guys for MMF scenes. 


Do you have any hard no’s?

No, to me, everything is negotiable.


Was there anything that you had trepidation over trying, but after you got into it, you found it really something that you liked?

I was terrified of anal as I’m a pretty tiny person, and the thought of taking porn dick up there almost caused me a heart attack. But I tackled my first anal pro scene back in June with Private Society, and it was a lot of fun.


But anal can take a lot of prep, right?

Yes, I love the sex portion of it, but as you say, prepping for an anal scene isn’t that much fun, so I don’t do a lot of it. I don’t think fans understand what goes into that. I don’t eat for eighteen hours prior, then you have the cleanout process, and then after the scene is over, you just can’t down food; you have to slowly go back to eating over a few days so your stomach is not in shock. 


You are titled a ‘throat goat’ in lots of your links and scenes; what makes a good throat goat?

I think what makes a good throat goat, based on my experience, is I really enjoy giving blow jobs; I find it an art form. I also have a few tricks in that you can go all the way down my throat so I don’t gag. And you gotta produce a lotta saliva! That’s a true “throat goat.”



What’s happening for you in 2024?

I’ll have more hot content dropping; then there is the AVN expo. And I’d like to get more mainstream scenes with directors I have been dying to work with. I’m just gonna keep working to make my fans happy. At the end of the day, without them, I wouldn’t have the ability to be in this business. My fans allow me to be creative, and I’m so very thankful for their support!


Enter Bree Austin’s world here: breeaustin (@breeaustin) | AllMyLinks

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