Hello Vendi, for those who might not know you please let us know you are and please describe yourself?

Well hello there everyone! My name is Vendi Carson and I am one of the newest girls to sign on to LA Direct Models with Derek Hay. For those not familiar with LA Direct, the agency represents both female and male talent in the pornography industry. So in short, I’m just a sweet new treat in the adult industry making dirty movies and loving life.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

Funny enough, good old “Father Time.” I am 24 years old now but have been getting scouted for porn since I turned 18. I always turned down the opportunities right from the gate because it wasn’t a good fit for my lifestyle during those times, but this last time I was approached, I was intrigued. I went through with some phone interviews and emails and various web research before deciding: “You only live once girl and you love having sex. Why the hell not?

You are brand new to the industry. What is different about how things work in the industry compared to what you originally thought?

Oh, everything! The sex is great, but you don’t realize how calculated it is. My title is an actress, meaning I must play the role I am given and perform in a way the camera needs me to be performing. To further elaborate I really mean the technical stuff like camera angles and sexual positions. You must be conscious of how you are having sex on camera. You want to grab at any spark you can between yourself and your co-star talent to ensure the audience is enjoying a scene unfold in a natural way, with real passion. On the other hand, you must also make sure to do funny things like point your toes and keep your thighs pointed towards a certain camera so that penetration and oral are shown clearly without anything blocking the viewers sight. Another shocker was the friendly and very welcoming attitude of many of the performers and producers in adult film. I had especially expected the girls to be a bit on the cold side, with so much beauty and talent in one place, but it’s the complete opposite. I’m finding that most everyone I meet in porn is incredibly nice.

On top of doing scenes do you work as a dancer or cam model as well? If so what do you like about working in those areas?

I’m very interested in camming but I haven’t dug into it quite yet. I do have previous experience as a burlesque dancer, so I have no qualms about getting back up on the stage as a feature dancer some day, should the opportunity arise.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would be your dream scene or movie to make?

My dream scene/movie would be a completely original screenplay about my time in burlesque dancing, not to seem vain, with a time hop of my travels between the “vanilla world”, dancing and porn. Intermittent with deliciously naughty scenes reinacting real hookups with gentleman and ladies, I’ve had the pleasure of pleasuring.

I don’t typically ask about a performers name but I am curious about how you came up with yours and what, if any, significance it may have.

Well my name is Vendi Carson in porn, but it was actually borrowed and customized a bit from the Italian word “vendicarsi.” It’s complicated to translate the entire meaning of the word to English but it basically means a punishment, “for what you have done.” You see, in my private life I am very involved in BDSM. Vendicarsi has been my username on a kinky community website for some time. I’m very active on the site (http://Fetlife.com) and people have shortened my username to Vendi on there countless times when sending me private messages. I thought it sounded really cute, Vendi, and I wanted to try and keep the last name as close to my username as well without sounding terribly cheesy so Carson was dubbed as the follow up.

Are you a fan of porn? If so, what would you say is your favorite kind to watch?

I am a huge fan of porn. My personal collection contains a lot of http://Kink.com  and fetish material. I also love parody porn to watch for comedic pleasure and curiosity’s sake.

Who would you say are the people you really want to work with but haven’t had the chance to as of yet?

James Deen probably makes me cream my panties at least 5 days a week so it would be a dream to work with him! I also really love Janice Griffith. Honestly though there are so many performers I would happily do a scene with. We’re very lucky girls to have such sexy male and female talent at our fingertips.

Who would you say your idols are, either within the industry or not?

Carmen Electra is a big idol of mine. Her drive in the industry is so admirable. From her line of toys, poles, films and prints, she’s a marketing miracle. I love that she is an intelligent woman and I just think she is simply flawless.

How do you think the people you grew up with would describe what you were like while growing up?

Crazy. No really though, I would say the majority of my peers would tell you that I have always been a very open minded, social, outspoken and fearless girl. My attitude has definitely paid off as an adult, allowing me to jump right into anything I take interest in without hesitation. When I was younger I was involved in so many things: softball, cheerleading, the chess team, art scenes and almost all general social events. I have never been afraid to try something new.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working? Any hobbies?

So many hobbies! I have a ravenous appetite for learning new skills so I’m constantly searching for my next hobby. Photography has been a stable for about 5 years now but I’ve dabbled in everything from wood working, fashion design, gardening, auto-mechanics, and interior design, to name a few.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

At the moment I just encourage any readers to check out my social media (@VendiCarson) and to be on the look out for my scenes coming out! Thank you!