Hello Venus. For those who might not know you, please let us know you are and please describe yourself.

For those who may not know me, I am a transsexual adult actress/director/performer CEO of Venus Lux Entertainment INC. I am an American born of Chinese/Mongolian decent from San Francisco, California. I would describe myself as a versatile and volatile girl with big ambitions and hard work ethic who strives for success who pushes limits and barriers in attempt to make positive impacts in society. I consider myself to be headstrong, stubborn, cunning, and independent.

What prompted you to join the adult industry?

Porn was never an option until the opportunity fell into my lap through a talent scout. It happened so abruptly yet at a timely point when I was contemplating about possible business ventures. At that moment I couldn’t fathom presenting myself nude to the world and making a career solely based on sex especially with the possibility of having millions of people view me. It was a very scary thought. This just further aided my insecurities of being a transsexual and being seen as a sex object. But I swallowed my pride and viewed the opportunity in a more positive light as a business I could eventually excel in and build something of my own. From that day, I decided to do porn but with a business mindset and to this day, I have no regrets. Having family and friends who provided moral support also made the decision making more efficient.

Seeing that you are pretty new to the industry, what would you say is the biggest difference between what you thought it would be like and how it actually is?

After being in the industry for six months, I can say porn was so not what I expected it to be. I always imagined that porn was so glamorous, exciting, rewarding and attractive. To certain degrees it is, but in my eyes, today, I can say that porn is just like making a home sex tape but with professional people, such as cast and crew. I feel like I have seen and been through enough to say that the porn industry is just like any other job but just with different untypical skill sets. It’s not as glamorous as you may think. Like any other business, you have your drug users and abusers, party animals, alcoholics, social media whores, sex addicts and gold diggers, but you also have your hard working moms/dads, the married couples, the business trendsetters, and the standard work-for-pay people. I have my ups and downs with porn but I make the best out of it.

You also recently launched your own member’s site, Venus-Lux.com. How long have you been working on the site and how did you decide to start the site?

Venus-Lux.com was supposed to be created later down the line until my conversation with TS Wendy Williams to create one immediately convinced me to do so otherwise. In order to be successful in porn, timing and marketing a unique product is very essential. So, I jumped head first into building a website which I do not suggest. It took me about a good hard month of coordination and money spending to get it finished. It was not an easy process but I am very proud of what I have achieved so far with such little time and with little knowledge.

What kind of content do you plan on having on the site?

Venus-Lux.com is a solo site featuring myself in all the videos. Solo sites are becoming a dying business so I plan to reinvigorate this type of site where fans won’t get tired of seeing me. I find this challenge to be the most fascinating part of my career. Coming up with scenes, people, and sets that captivate viewers’ isn’t easy especially when they may anticipate your next video. I will be directing creative hardcore TS/boy, TS/girl and TS/TS scenes, themed/fantasy parody scenes, BDSM/fetishes like foot/lingerie worship, and more but you will have to join my site to see!

You recently were part of a mainstream movie, Little Saigon. What can you tell us about the movie and the part you play?

I play the role of Linda, the girlfriend of John. I currently shot the pilot for Little Saigon and will hopefully shoot the movie itself. The movie is an action/thriller that is based on the story of a man named John, who is played by Andrew Davoli, with a horrible past, who returns back to his hometown Vietnamese gang infested Garden Grove, to find work and to visit old friends when he ends up having to face his past. He gets affiliated with gangsters and the drug scene again. Throughout the movie he goes on a mental and emotional journey which conflicts with friends, his lover and himself.

Are you hoping to work on more mainstream projects in the future? If so, what kind of movies would you want to do?

Yes i have big plans for the future. I plan to do it all! Currently working on a mainstream project as of right now but can’t reveal that yet. I love mainstream acting, as it requires so much skill, confidence and mental investment. I’m open to all movie genres but the movies that have the power to touch and inspire the audience with emotion and thoughts really intrigue me. A movie with a complex story line that is well scripted with layers of ambiguity that encourages the audience to be attentive and process the content is in my opinion of a good movie. I hope to be able to be part of a creative, brilliant, fresh an movies thatcontain hidden morals and meanings.

What would you say is the biggest misconception people have of people who work in the adult industry?

In my opinion, the biggest misconception the general public has about adult entertainers is that we are rich and must love what we do because we get paid for sex. Just like any other job, wealth is based on how much effort, work and passion you put into it. Don’t think that porn doesn’t require hard work and effort. With the acting, you need to set the scene and get into awkward positions, and just to get the lighting right can be tough. Porn sex and real life sex is very different. Porn requires acting and to sometimes do things that you may not feel exactly comfortable doing. But when you’re used to it, it can be a whole lot of fun, especially if you’re a freak in bed. At the end of the day, porn is just another job that has its own benefits, just not a 401k

What advice would you give someone that is thinking about joining the adult industry?

My advice to a person who is contemplating of joining the adult industry is to sit down and think about your intentions. Porn is a business, not a sex playground. You should think about if you want to do this for the pleasure, the fame or the hopes for fortune. Many porn entertainers join the industry for many reasons like what I described. Personally, I joined for pleasure, the fame and the hopes for success. So, do your research and understand what it takes to be in the industry. And the best thing is to try it out, as you will get a better idea from personal experience. Just understand that porn is porn. When you are in it, there is no going back.

Who are some of the people you want to work with as a performer but haven’t had the opportunity as of yet?

Having only been in the industry for only six months, there are still a lot of faces I’ve yet to meet or have the opportunity to work with. As for now, the performers I would love to work with are Vaniity and Cliff Jensen. both are beautiful people that I would love the chance to meet.

What sort of things do you like to do when you aren’t working on your site? Any hobbies?

That’s a great question, as I am curious to know myself. For past few months, that I have been preparing and actually working on my website project my schedule has been out of balance. But when I’m not working, I’m back in San Francisco and I usually like to go for a scenic drive down the coast or into the wilderness and blast some good old soul music from the 50s to the 80s, which usually relaxes my mind and refuels me for the week to come. I also enjoy movie night with a home cooked meal by myself or shared with friends, hiking in Muir Woods, fishing by the bay with a warm picnic, shopping and dining down in Haight Street and a nice jog into Golden Gate Park with enough time for a quick pedal boat ride. I have many interests; it all just depends on my mood. Like I said, I’m a versatile girl and there isn’t much that I don’t do or at least willing to try.

Are there any projects or special events coming up that you would like to promote, if so please do so?

The only project that I’m currently working on is my website. I will be traveling around the world to promote my site, along with meeting my fans, attending related events, working with other porn stars and companies and getting my name out there. You can follow me on twitter: @Venus_lux, youtube: Venus Lux and my website forum if you’re a member: Venus-lux.com, for all my updates to where I am, where I’m going, and how you can meet me.