Introducing Pornstar Personas


For those that don’t know, five years ago I wrote a series of articles for the blog I had at the time. The articles were a look at what I thought were several different personas that performers take on or naturally are while they are in the industry. It was an interesting series because there really is no prototypical “porn star” anymore.

So I was thinking about the series I wrote those five years ago and I figured I’d redo them and update them because many of the performers I listed back then are no longer performing so it is time for an update. I’m not sure how many articles in total there will be but my goal is to post one a week starting next Tuesday, August 9th.

For those unfamiliar with how this went originally I will give a description of the persona and then list five performers that I feel fit that persona. The choices are made mostly on looks with their on-screen/social media personality or my own personal knowledge thrown in as well.