(Cheyenne, WY) iWantClips recently gave their models/store operators the option to opt into their newly launched Chargeback Protection™ plan. While many rejoiced at the new program, their competitors used it as a way to try to find unhappy IWC models and recruit them.

As of November 1st, iWantClips will no longer cover 100% of chargebacks for free. In the first 10 months of 2016, IWC has covered more than $60,000 in chargebacks for store operators, while still paying 70% payouts on content, 75% on tips/tributes, and 100% on custom content. Even with the new optional Chargeback Protection™ plan, IWC has the highest payouts in the industry.

Models are loving the new optional plan and the continued high payouts. Princess Lexi Tweeted “October was my best month ever on @iWantClips! …. Even with their *optional* charge back protection, @iWantClips still has a higher payout than ManyVids.”

The Chargeback Protection™ plan is only a 5% fee for all transactions and protects models and stores from all chargebacks. They are covered 100% for a maximum of $5,000 in chargebacks per month and can opt in at any time. Sign up on your dashboard.

The new Chargeback Protection™ plan was very popular with the models and studios, and angered the competition. Once the announcement was made, ManyVids launched social media attacks via Twitter mentioning IWC by name. Then, ManyVids wrote a blog, which backfired because IWC and ManyVids models lambasted them and offered IWC support. IWC appreciates the overwhelming amount of love and support.

“We’d like to take the time to thank our IWC and IWCC Model team for the endless amounts of support,” says CeCe Von, Marketing Director of iWantClips.com. “IWC was started with the models and customers’ needs in mind, and our models and customers’ feedback has always been a major part to our success!”

IWC is always professional and never would publicly attack other sites. Not only would they not commit libel, but they also show class—social media is a place for their customers, models and community, and should not be used to attack others or defend themselves against attacks.