John Legendary Joins the Conversation in Latest And Now We Drink Podcast

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John Legendary, one of adult film’s most exciting new stars, paid a visit to Matt Slayer’s And Now We Drink podcast to chat about life, love and other blissful pursuits.
The lighthearted and engaging interview covers a variety of topics about the leading man’s long and winding road to earning success in the industry, as well as the colorful exploits, relationships, opportunities and obstacles that have served to shape and inspire his worldview and achievements over the years.
“Talking with Matt was a lot of fun; it was like sitting down with an old friend over drinks and just letting the stories flow,” said Legendary of their candid conversation. “It’s not every day you get to share so much of your life’s journey – the victories, the setbacks, the ridiculous moments – with folks who are genuinely interested. Matt’s knack for conversation really brought out some memories I hadn’t anticipated sharing, and I truly appreciated being a part of the And Now We Drink podcast.”
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Aerospace defense engineer-turned-rising adult film icon John Legendary is creating big buzz in the biz as a masterful performer, producer and director since launching his blazing career in 2021.
Growing up in Detroit, he had sky-high ambitions from the start: naturally athletic and studious, his academic and athletic prowess served him well through high school and college, where he started as a middle-distance runner before his interests shifted to Greek life and he became more socially – and sexually – active, earning the popular student the prophetic nickname ‘porn star’. Paraphrasing the great philosopher Prince, the future Mr. John Legendary had a lion in his pocket, and baby, he was ready to roar.
Armed with two Master’s degrees and an MBA, Legendary initially pursued a career in the aerospace & defense industry, also working in fashion, auto and tech jobs. Despite success in these fields, he yearned for a career fueled by passion… and finally found it when, after joining in on the swinging/hotwife lifestyle as a bull, decided to explore his options in Porn Valley.
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