June Ann’s Award-Winning Movie, “The Treachery of Love,” now Available on Sssh.com

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CYBERSPACE –  In the wake of its win at the Dreamachine International Film Festival, June Ann’s award-winning film, “The Treachery of Love,” is now available for members to stream on Sssh.com.

Sssh.com founder Angie Rowntree stated, “I want Sssh to continue to be a place for paradigm-changing adult cinema, and I am especially thrilled to share the work of both a dear friend and an emerging female filmmaker.”

An industry veteran of over ten years,  June Ann is certainly no stranger to film acting and production; however, “The Treachery of Love”, inspired by Magritte’s “The Treachery of Images”, is her first independent feature, and thus a new creative milestone in her career. “The Treachery of Love” is an arthouse erotic film that gives audiences a truly unique viewing experience, with its non-linear narrative and evocative critique of sex in the media.

June Ann said, “I am so excited to premiere “The Treachery of Love” on Sssh.com, and bring a new type of pornography to their audience: one that is conceptual in nature and yearns for the viewers cerebral interaction even more so than their physical response.”

August McLaughlin (Girl Boner Radio) affirmed: “The Treachery of Love is imaginative, alluring and bursting with desire.  You’ll go from wondering where it’s leading to being swept into captivation.”

You may follow Sssh.com on Twitter at www.Twitter.com/ssshforwomen and you may follow June Ann On Twitter at https://twitter.com/jadextraextra

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